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Select Sound Source; Adjusting The Volume; Using Headphones; Radio Functions - Silvercrest KH 2328 Operating Manual

Cd-player with radio


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Should the batteries leak, wear pro-
tective gloves and clean the battery
compartment with a dry cloth.

Select sound source

You can choose between the following
sound sources:
• CD
• Radio
Use the function switch
your desired sound source.

Adjusting the volume.

You can adjust the sound volume with
the volume regulator
To increase the sound volume turn
the volume regulator
To reduce the sound volume turn the
volume regulator

Using headphones

You can connect headphones to the CD-
Player with Radio with a 3,5 mm Stereo
jackplug. The headphone connector
is to be found at the rear of the CD-Player
with Radio. When you have connected
the headphones, the loudspeakers are
disconnected and you will only hear
sound via the headphones.
Insert the headphone jackplug into
the headphone connection
13:35 Uhr
to select
- 7 -
Seite 7
Important! Regular listening to loud
music through headphones leads to
hearing damage.

Radio functions

1. Raise the telescopic antenna
extend it to full length. Adjust the
antenna positioning so that radio
reception is optimal.
For receiving MW (AM) transmissions,
there is an inbuilt reception antenna.
In radio operation, turn the whole appli-
ance to a position where the best radio
reception is obtained.
2. Adjust the receptionrange (AM/FM/
FM ST.) with the waveband selector
With the adjustment FM ST radio pro-
grammes transmitted in stereo will be
played back in stereo. Should the pro-
gramme be received in stereo at full
strength the FM stereo display lights
With the adjustment FM the sound is
played back in Mono.
3. Through turning the tuning regulator
, the desired radio station can be

CD Functions

Inserting a CD

Select the CD function with the
function switch
Fold the carrying handle back
To open the CD compartment
press the flap at OPEN/CLOSE
SilverCrest KH 2328


Table of Contents

Table of Contents