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Importer; Importan Warranty Notices - Silvercrest KH 2328 Operating Manual

Cd-player with radio


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SilverCrest KH 2328
Disposing of batteries!
Do not dispose of the batteries with
household waste. Every consumer is
legally committed to disposing of
batteries at the collection point in
his community or with the trade.
This obligation is intended to ensure
that batteries are disposed of in an
environmentally safe fashion.
Only dispose of batteries when they
are fully discharged.


Kompernaß GmbH
Burgstrasse 21
D-44867 Bochum

Importan Warranty Notices

This appliance entitles you to a warranty
of 3 years from the date of purchase.
Should you have cause for complaint
with this appliance, despite our high
quality standards, please contact our
Service-hotline. If a telephonic resolu-
tion of your complaint is not possible,
ypu will receive there:
• a processing number (RMA-Number)
as well as
• an address to which you can send
your appliance for repair under
13:35 Uhr
- 10 -
Seite 10
Please include a copy of your purchase
receipt with all postal submissions.
The device should be packed in a man-
ner that is safe for transport and the
RMA number should be directly visible.
Products sent in without the RMA
number cannot be processed.
Note: Warranty claims are only valid
for material and manufacturing
defects. Warranty claims are not valid
• for parts subject to wear and tear.
• for damages to breakable parts such
as switches and batteries.
The appliance is intended solely for pri-
vate, not commercial, use. If this product
has been subjected to improper or inap-
propriate handling, abuse, or modifica-
tions not carried out by one of our au-
thorised sales and service outlets, the
warranty will be considered void. Your
statutory warranty rights are not limited
or restricted by the provisions of this


Table of Contents

Table of Contents