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Silvercrest KH 2328 Operating Manual page 7

Cd-player with radio
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• Make sure that the power cord never
becomes wet during operation.
• You may not open or repair the
appliance casing yourself. Should
you do so, safety is no longer assured
and the warranty is void.
• Do not place fluid-filled receptacles,
e.g. flower vases, on the appliance.
Fire hazard!
• Do not use the appliance near hot
• Do not keep the appliance in places
exposed to direct sunlight, Otherwise,
it may overheat and become irrepar-
ably damaged.
• Do not leave the appliance unatten-
ded when in use.
• Never cover the ventilation slots of
the appliance while it is being used.
• Do not place open fire sources, such as
for example candles, on the appliance.
Danger of injuries!
• Keep children away from the connec-
ting cable and the appliance. Children
frequently underestimate the danger
from electrical appliances.
• Ensure the appliance stands at a safe
and secure positioning.
• Do not operate the appliance if it has
sustained a fall or is damaged. Have
the appliance checked or repaired
only by qualified technicians.
• Keep batteries away from children.
Children can put batteries into their
mouths and swallow them.
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Danger of injury to the eyes!
• Never look directly into the open CD
The invisible laser beam could damage
your eyes.
Notice regarding electrical power surges
(EFT / electrical fast transient):
In a case of malfunction due to an
electrical fast transient (power surge)
the product must be returned to default
settings in order to re-establish normal
operation. Perhaps the power supply
must be separated and reconnected
again, or the batteries must be removed
and replaced.
Electrostatic Discharge
In a case of malfunction due to electro-
static discharge the product must be
returned to default settings (Perhaps
the power supply must be separated
and reconnected again), in order to
re-establish normal operation.
Note: A case of electrostatic discharge
occurs if one walks with plastic-soled
shoes over a carpet that also contains
elements of plastic. Through the friction
of the shoe soles on the carpet a charge
is created in the body which discharges
itself as soon as one touches an electicity
conducting object, such as for example a
door knob or the bodywork of a motor
SilverCrest KH 2328


Table of Contents

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