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Query Programmed Playing Order; Play Titles In Random Order (Random); Cleaning And Care; Disposal - Silvercrest KH 2328 Operating Manual

Cd-player with radio


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Press the button PROGRAM
On the display
tion 1 (PRG01) of the title is shown blin-
king, which on playback should be the
first title to be played. 20 program posi-
tions are available for this purpose.
Select with the button NEXT
the button BACK
title for the programme position.
To save the programming, press the
button PROGRAM
To programme further titles repeat
the above detailed steps.
When all 20 programme positions are
allocated, the title numbers are shown
one after the other in the display
Afterwards „01" blinks.
Start the programme playback by
pressing the button PLAY/PAUSE
To erase the programming, stop the
playback and press once again, in Stop
mode, the button STOP
extinguishes in the display.
Or stop playback and open the CD

Query programmed playing order

During the programme playback
press the button STOP
Press the button PROGRAM
The programmed titles are shown
one after the other. Afterwards, the
display blinks the first programme
position PRG 01.
13:35 Uhr
the programme posi-
the desired
Seite 9

Play titles in random order (RANDOM)

Press the button RANDOM
The titles on the CD will be played
in random order.

Cleaning and Care

Danger of electrocution:
• Never open the appliance housing.
There are no servicable elements
• Never immerse the appliance compo-
nents into water or other liquids!
• Do not allow any liquids to penetrate
the housing.
Cleaning the casing:
First remove the plug from the wall
Clean the housing surface with a
slightly damp cloth Never use
benzene, solvents or detergents
that can damage plastics!
Cleaning the CD-Laser
• Clean the laser at regular intervals.
• To clean the laser a standard commer-
cial cleaning CD should be used.


Do not dispose of the appliance
in your normal domestic waste.
Dispose of the appliance through an
approved disposal centre or at your
community waste facility.
Observe the currently applicable regula-
tions. In case of doubt, please contact
your waste disposal centre.
- 9 -
SilverCrest KH 2328


Table of Contents

Table of Contents