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Using The Picture Still; Adjusting The Picture Position - Toshiba 32CV700E Owner's Manual

Lcd colour tv
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Dot by Dot
"Dot by Dot" is a non-scaling display. Depending
on the input signal format, the picture is
displayed with side panels and/or bars at the top
and bottom (i.e. VGA input source).
• In the PC connected via HDMI or RGB/
PC terminal (- page 26), the picture size
selection is PC Wide, PC Normal or Dot by
Dot only.
• Using the special functions to change the
size of the displayed image (e.g. changing the
height/width ratio) for the purpose of public
display or commercial gain may infringe on
copyright laws.
• If the aspect ratio of the selected format is
different from the one of the TV transmission
or video programme, it can cause a difference
in vision. Change to the correct aspect ratio
picture size.
• When using the PC connected via HDMI or
RGB/PC terminal, the moving image quality
may be deteriorated.

Using the picture still

• Press
to freeze the picture.
Even if an image is frozen on the TV screen, the
pictures are running on the input source. Audio
continues to be output as well.
To return to a moving picture, press
(Movin g )
If you use this function except for the purpose of
your private viewing and listening, it may infringe
the copyright protected by the copyright laws.

Adjusting the Picture Position

Adjustment to the position of the picture may be
made to suit your viewing preferences.
Using the TV's features
• When the picture size is in Wide or 4:3 mode,
• When the picture size is in Native, PC Wide,
Resetting the Picture Position
This function resets your Picture Position
settings to the factory settings.
Activating the Picture Mode
This TV offers the choice of personalising the
picture style.
AutoView, Dynamic, Standard, Mild, Movie,
Game and PC are preset options and affect
many features/settings within the TV.
• Because the AutoView mode automatically
(St i ll )
• Game mode is available in external input mode
• PC mode is available in RGB/PC input mode or
From the SETUP menu, press s or r to
select Picture Position.
Press Q, then press s or r to select the
item you want to adjust.
Picture Position
Horizontal Position
Vertical Position
Press v or w to adjust the settings as desired.
Horizontal Position
only the Horizontal position can be adjusted.
PC Normal and Dot by Dot mode, none of this
function will be available.
From the Picture Position menu, press s or
r to select Reset.
Press Q.
adjusts picture settings based on ambient light
conditions, the Auto Brightness Sensor is
greyed out when it is selected.
(other than aerial input). When you select
Game mode, suitable widescreen formats will
be selected.
HDMI input mode.
From the PICTURE menu, press s or r to
select Picture Settings.
Press Q, then press s or r to select
Picture Mode.

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