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Channel List; Teletext - Toshiba 32CV700E Owner's Manual

Lcd colour tv
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A. Colour System
Confirm that Colour System is set to "A"
(Auto). If not, select "A" with s or r.
Only o1 signal input, this function is
B. Label
The label allows you to label each input
source for your TV.
To change or create labels:
1) Press s or r repeatedly to select a
character for the first space, then press
v or w.
2) Repeat step 1) to enter the rest of the
characters. If you would like a blank
space in the label name, you must
choose a blank space from the list of
Press Q to store your settings.

Channel List

button. The Channel List will
Press the
Press s or r to select a channel, and press
Q to watch.


This TV has a multi-page Teletext memory, which
takes a few moments to load and it offers two
ways of viewing Teletext Auto and List which
are explained below.
Setting up the Teletext mode
To select a language for Teletext:
The language 1-4 option enables the display of
different language when using Teletext.
From the FUNCTION menu, and then press
s or r to select Teletext Language.
Press v or w to select the required language.
• Language 1: English, German, Dutch,
Flemish, Russian, Bulgarian, Ukranian,
Lettish, Lithuanian, Czech, Slovak,
Using the TV's features
To select Teletext mode:
Select a channel position with the desired
Teletext service.
*(blank space)
When you are watching the teletext programme,
SETUP menu and FUNCTION menu are not
Teletext general information
screen. Press again to superimpose the teletext
over a normal broadcast picture. Press again to
return to normal TV mode. You need to return to
normal viewing if you wish to change channels.
When you first press
service, the first page you see will be the initial
In Auto mode, this displays the main subjects
available and their relevant page numbers.
In List mode, you will see the page numbers
currently stored on the each colour button.
If you press
activated, this mode will be cancelled.
Once in this chosen page, if there are sub-pages
they will automatically load into memory without
changing the one you are reading. If there are
many sub-pages, it will take a long time for them
all to load and this will depend on the speed with
which the broadcaster transmits them.
To access the sub-pages in memory, press v
or w to view them.
Using Subtitles
• Language 2: Polish, German, Dutch,
Flemish, Estonian, Lettish, Lithuanian,
French, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian,
Czech, Slovak, Rumanian
• Language 3: English, French, Hebrew,
Turkish, Arabic
• Language 4: English, French, Hebrew,
Turkish, Farsi (Iranian/Persian)
From FUNCTION menu, press s or r to
select Teletext.
Press v or w to select Auto or List mode.
once will bring up the teletext
while the Picture Mode is
on the remote control to display
the current Subtitle status. While this status is
displayed, press again to change the setting.
to access the text

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