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Exploring Your New Tv; Tv Top, Front And Side Panel Controls - Toshiba 32CV700E Owner's Manual

Lcd colour tv
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The exact type and positioning of the aerial will
depend upon your particular area.
Your Toshiba dealer or service personnel can
best advise you on which aerial to use in your
Before connecting the aerial cable, turn off all
main power switches.
VHF and/or
UHF aerial
Media Recorder
Aerial cable (75 7 coaxial)
(not supplied)
300 7 twin-lead feeder
Aerial adaptor
(not supplied)
75 7 coaxial cable
(not supplied)

Exploring your new TV

Installing the remote control batteries
Remove the battery cover.
Insert two R03 (AAA) batteries matching the –/+
polarities of the battery to the –/+ marks inside
the battery compartment.
• Dispose of batteries in a designated disposal
area. Batteries must not be exposed to
excessive heat such as sunshine, fire or the
• Attention should be drawn to the environmental
aspects of battery disposal.
Introduction / Getting started
TV back view
75 7
75 7 aerial
• Never mix battery types or combine used
batteries with new ones.
• If the remote control does not operate correctly,
or if the operating range becomes reduced,
replace both batteries with new ones.
• If the batteries are dead or if you will not use
the remote control for a long time, remove the
batteries to prevent battery acid from leaking
into the battery compartment.
Effective range
within 5 m

TV top, front and side panel controls

• You can operate your TV using the buttons on
the side panel or the remote control. The back
of the panel provide the terminal connections
to connect other equipment to your TV (-
"Connecting your TV" pages 24 – 29).
• For the use of each control, see the pages in
You can swivel the TV screen.
Swivel angle: 15 degrees to left and right.
TV top view

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