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Introduction / Getting Started - Toshiba 32CV700E Owner's Manual

Lcd colour tv
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• Never use other cord except for supplied
AC power cord, and never use the supplied
power cord for any other purpose.
2) Never insert or remove the power plug with
wet hands.
This may cause an electric shock.
3) Never place the TV in an unstabilized
location such as on a shaky table, incline
or location subject to vibration.
• Only use cabinets or stands recommended
by the TV manufacturer.
• Only use furniture that can safely support
the TV.
• Ensure that the TV is not hanging over the
edge of the supporting furniture.
• Never place the TV on tall furniture (for
example, cupboards or bookcases) without
anchoring both the furniture and the TV to a
suitable support.
The TV may drop or fall off, which may cause
an injury or damage.
4) Never block or cover the slots and
openings in the cabinet.
• Never place the TV so that it is facing
upward or on its side.
• Never place the TV in a closet, bookcase or
other similar area where the ventilation is
• Never drape a newspaper, tablecloth or
curtain on the TV.
• Never stand the TV on cloth or other
material placed between the TV and
supporting furniture.
• When installing the TV against a wall,
always keep the TV at least 10 cm away
from the wall.
• Never place the TV on a soft unstable
surface, such as a carpet, or a cushion.

Introduction / Getting started

The inside of this TV will overheat if the
ventilation holes are covered, blocked or
sealed, which may result in a fire.
5) Never place the TV near a heater or in
direct sunlight.
The surface of the cabinet or power cord may
melt and result in a fire or an electric shock.
6) Never place the TV in an area exposed
to high humidity levels, such as in a
bathroom or close to a humidifi er.
This may cause a fire or an electric shock.
7) Never place the TV next to a stove where it
will be exposed to oil, smoke, or steam, or
in a location where there is a large quantity
of dust.
This may cause a fire or an electric shock.
8) Install the TV in a horizontal, stable
location. Connect between two clips on the
back of the TV and a wall, pillar, etc., with a
sturdy tie and clip of supplied accessories
(- back cover).
• Use as short a tie as possible to ensure the
• If the TV is not installed securely, it may lean
TV is stable.
or fall over and cause an injury.

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