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Truehepa air purifiers
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initial Operation

This section provides basic instructions on the use of your air purifier. After
following these initial directions, please review the entire Use & Care Guide, to
familiarize yourself with the more advanced features of your air purifier
Basic Operation of the Air Purifier:
1. Take the air purifier out of the box and remove the clear plastic protective
bag. Place the unit on a firm level floor or table.
2. Before turning on the air purifier, you need to confirm that the filters are
firmly in place and have not become loose during shipping. To check
the filters, first open the front grill. Release the front grill by placing your
fingers in the recess on the bottom of the grill and pull forward.
3. Next, check the HEPA filter by pressing firmly on all four corners of the filter to
ensure that it is fully inserted into the filter opening.
4. The carbon pre-filter is mounted inside the front grill with velcro tape.
Confirm that it properly covers the grill vents. You may notice a few black
particles coming off the pre-filter. Those particles are part of the odor-
removing activated carbon and will be collected on the filter during use.
5. Place the front grill back onto the unit. First, line up the tabs on the top of
the front grill with the slots inside the front of the air purifier. Then push
the bottom of the grill forward until it is closed. NOTe: This unit will not
operate unless the grill is in the correct position. This is a safety feature.
6. Plug the unit into a 115V electrical outlet and press the
HAPE200, the Power Button
for HAPM100 to turn on your air purifier.
7. Use the
(1 circle=Low, 2 circles=Medium, 3 circles=High) See fig. 7.
Model HAPE200: How To Turn Off The Unit
Lower the fan speed to Level 1. Then press
fig. 7 - LCD Electronic Control Panel
keys to adjust the blower speed to the desired level.
for Model HAPE300, or slide the switch
key, and the unit will turn off.
key for model

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Table of Contents

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