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Air purifier
Users Manual
Haier Smart Life
·Please read this manual carefully before use.
·The company reserves the right of final interpretation on this manual.
·Photos may not match the product you have ordered exactly.
·After reading it, please keep this manual together with the invoice.
·Product technology or software may upgrade from time to time without notice.
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Summary of Contents for Haier KJF400KBAA

  • Page 1 Scan QR code for better service Users Manual Model: KJF 4 00KBAA Haier Smart Life ·Please read this manual carefully before use. ·The company reserves the right of final interpretation on this manual. ·Photos may not match the product you have ordered exactly.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Thank you for purchasing our products. For better and When using this product, please follow the basic warnings as follows: safer use, please read this manual carefully before Read all warnings before use operation and keep it properly for future reference. Warnings - To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, damage, Contents please observe the following requirements:...
  • Page 3 List of major components: 12. Do not insert your fingers or other objects into the air outlet of the appliance to avoid damage to the appliance or personal injury. 13. If the dominant air quality of the room is bad (such as oil fumes and unusual smell in newly decorated apartment), it is highly recommended that you open the windows at the same time when your use this product for better effect.
  • Page 4: Product Specifications

    Product specifications Safety warning KJF400KBAA Rated voltage Product model Rated power Frequency Do not cover the air outlet with a towel or other object to CADR Noise level Particulates avoid damage to the appliance and personal injury. Energy efficiency High efficiency...
  • Page 5: Precautions Before Use

    Getting Started Precautions before use 1. Remove the front panel: a. Use both hands to gently press the upper snap-fastened position; b. Pull the front panel outwards; c. 1. If the air purifier does not start when you press the On button, Lift the front panel upwards.
  • Page 6: Operation Panel Description

    Operation instructions Operation panel description Note: After the power is turned on, a “beep” sound is heard. The power button light is half on, indicating that the power is normal, and it enters the standby state: PM2.5 detection module enters the working state.
  • Page 7 Automatic light sensor Filter reset function When the power is turned on and the indicator is lighted, it means The appliance enters sleep mode only when it is in dark for more than one minute in smart mode. (The automatic light sensor is only enabled that the filter needs to be replaced;...
  • Page 8: Remote Controller Description

    Remote controller description Power supply Extreme fast Smart mode (Auto) purification mode Anion mode Range Colour Position Smart display Excellent Light off Child lock Timer Sleep mode Fan speed for the first time. Note: When using the remote controller, the distance from the appliance cannot exceed 6 meters.
  • Page 9 Power supply Fan speed Press the fan speed button to switch between speeds 1→2,→3→1, Used to turn on and off the appliance. and 1. The fan speeds are displayed for 5s. Afterwards, the PM2.5 AUTO display is restored. If you need to check the current fan speed, press the fan speed button again.
  • Page 10: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting 1. The appliance has a filter replacement remainder filter should be replaced. phenomenon causes make sure it is plugged into the correct place There is no electricity in the socket Change to another socket and try to plug in again. correctly installed.