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Replacement Filter Value Packs - Haier HAPE200 User Manual

Truehepa air purifiers
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replacement filter Value Packs

To maintain proper odor removal and overall filter performance the carbon pre-
filter should be replaced at least every six months. If air purifier is used in heavy
smoke, or high pollen count area, manufacturer suggests to replace filters more
While replacing the pre-filter, notice the color of the HEPA filter. If the HEPA
filter is dark or discolored, the HEPA should be replaced with a new HEPA filter.
Depending on the location and the use of the Air Purifier, the HEPA filter can last
a full year before having to be replaced.
Replacement Filter Value Pack comes with 1-True HEPA filter that should last one
year under typical interior room air conditions and 2-carbon pre-filters, each
of which lasts six months. These replacement filters are available at the retailer
where you purchased your Haier Air Purifier.
F100 Replacement Filter Value Pack
1 Year Supply
For Model HAPM100
F200 Replacement Filter Value Pack
1 Year Supply
For Models HAPE200, HAPE300

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Table of Contents

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