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Operation Panel Description; Operation Instructions - Haier KJF400KBAA Abridged User Manual


Operation panel description

Description of buttons
Power switch (Touch the power switch
button to turn the power on and off)
Fan speed cycle button
Press and hold for 3s to enter child lock function
Press this button for 3s to reset the filter
Definitions of icons:
Timer indicator
Anion indicator
Filter replacement indicator
Description of buttons
Smart mode indicator
Air quality indicator
PM 2.5 value display
Extreme fast
purification indicator

Operation instructions

Note: After the power is turned on, a "beep" sound is heard. The
power button light is half on, indicating that the power is normal,
and it enters the standby state: PM2.5 detection module enters the
working state.
Switch function:
Touch the power switch button to turn the power on and off.
Note: after powering on and entering into smart mode, the fan
speed 1 is enabled, anion module started; lighted icon indicators:
the power indicator is full bright and indicators of anion module and
PM2.5 detection module are lighted (PM2.5 value is displayed after
the 60 seconds countdown from power-on for the first time). The
display screen is shown below: