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Truehepa air purifiers
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fig. 8- Remote Control: Model HAPE300
Remote control must be used in direct line of sight
with air purifier. Basic functions can be conveniently
operated with the remote control, except initializing
the Child Lock Keypad feature. This must be done
manually on the unit.
iMPOrTANT: You must pull the small paper insert

filter Life Counters

The carbon pre-filter and TrueHEPA filters are essential components for the
long term effectiveness of your air purifier. Your air purifier has two Filter Life
Counters, one for each filter type. These filter counters will monitor the percentage
of useful life your filter has left, and notify you when it is time to change your
filters. The exact useful life of your filters depends on your environment, but the
table below gives typical life span of filters.
Active Carbon Pre-Filter
The display shows the percentage of life used since the counter was reset.
NOTe: The percentage level increases in 10% increments.
The filter life function stores data in the air purifiers memory. The unit may be
unplugged and moved or stored without losing the Pre-Filter and Filter Counter
To properly track filter usage, the Carbon Pre-Filter and HEPA Filter Life Counters
should be reset each time the filters are changed. Refer to Changing the Pre-Filter
or Changing the Filter for instructions on how to reset counters.
out of the remote control at bottom,
for remote control to work. You may
throw away this insert after removing.
filter Type
TrueHEPA Filter
Typical usage
4000 Hours
8000 Hours

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Table of Contents

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