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Changing The Carbon Pre-filter
When the Pre-Filter exceeds 4000 hours, the Pre-Filter Life Counters will display
100% life used and you should replace the pre-filter. To maintain proper odor-
removing capability and overall filtration performance, the pre-filter should be
changed every 4000 hours (approximately 6 months of use). If necessary, the
pre-filter can be changed more often. Proper maintenance of the pre-filter will
help extend the life of the HEPA filter. Refer to Replacement Filter Value Pack, for
importance associated with replacing filters regularly.
How To Change The Pre-filter and reset The Pre-filter Life Counter:
First, turn off and unplug the air purifier.
Next, remove the front grill. Place your fingers in the hand recess located on
the bottom of the grill and pull firmly.
The pre-filter is attached to the inside of the grill with hook tape. Pull gently
on the pre-filter to remove it.
If needed, use a soft damp cloth to wipe of the grill.
Install the new pre-filter by placing it in the grill and pressing gently on the
pre-filter so that it adheres to the hook tape. You may notice a few black
particles coming off the pre-filter. Those particles are part of the odor-
removing activated carbon and will be collected on the filter during regular
Install the grill back onto the unit. First, insert the top grill tabs into their
mating slot holes on inside edge of the front of the unit, and then push the
the grill forward until it engages with the bottom of the unit, as shown in
fig 4.
Plug in the air purifier.
NOTe: This unit will not operate unless the grill is in the correct position.
This is a safety feature.
Finally, reset the Pre-Filter Life Counter by pressing the
2 seconds. The Pre-Filter Counter will return to 0%.
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