Changing The Hepa Filter - Haier HAPE200 User Manual

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Changing The HePA filter

When the filter exceeds 8000 hours (approximately 1 year of use), the Filter Life
Counter will display 100% life used and the Filter indicator will flash. This is a
reminder that you should check the filter and replace if necessary. The proper
time to change the filter depends on usage and the environment.
• If you notice a decrease in air output or an increase in noise at any time dur-
ing normal operation, the filter may be clogged. Replace the filter to return to
normal operation.
To change the filter and reset the Filter Life Counter:
1. First, turn off and unplug the air purifier.
2. Next, remove the front grill. Place your fingers in the recess on the bottom of
the grill and pull firmly.
3. Gently pull on the filter tabs to remove the HEPA filter from the unit. Please
note that the taped side of the filter is pointed towards the outside. The new
filter must be installed with the same orientation. Once removed, the used filter
should be discarded.
4. Remove the new filter from its wrapping. Install the filter with tapes pointing
towards the outside. Press the filter firmly in the air purifier. To avoid damag-
ing the filter media, you should press on the frame of the filter only.
5. Reinstall the grill by first inserting the top tabs into their mating top slot holes
on inside edge of the front of the unit, and then push the bottom of the grill
inward until it closes by engaging with the bottom edge of the air purifier.
6. Plug in the unit.
NOTe: This unit will not operate unless the grill is in the correct position. This
is a safety feature.
7. To reset the filter counter, press the
Counter will return to 0%.
key for 2 seconds. The Filter Life


Table of Contents

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