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Power Level Table; Installation - Whirlpool Electric Hob Instructions For Use Manual

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Power level
Max. power
High power
Medium power
Low power
When making quick-cook foods that require perfect heat distribution (e.g. pancakes) on the 28 cm double cooking zone (where present), use pans no greater than
24 cm in diameter. For delicate cooking (for example, melting chocolate or butter) use the smaller diameter single zones.
After unpacking the product, check for any damage during transport. In case of problems, contact the dealer or the After-Sales Service.
For built-in dimensions and installation instruction, see the pictures in page 2.
Install a separator panel under the hob.
The lower part of the product must not
be accessible after installation.
Do not fit the separator panel if an
undertop oven is installed.
The distance between the underside of the appliance and the separator panel must respect the dimensions given in the figure.
In order to ensure the correct operation of the product, do not obstruct the minimum required clearance between the hob and the top of the unit (min. 7 cm).
If an undertop oven is installed, make sure the oven is equipped with a cooling system.
Do not install the hob above a dishwasher or washing-machine, so that the electronic circuits do not come into contact with steam or moisture which could damage them.
In the case of flush-mounted installation, call the After-Sales Service to request assembly of screws kit 4801 211 00112.
To remove the hob, use a screwdriver (not provided) to prise off the perimeter clips on the underside of the appliance.
Type of cooking
Ideal for rapidly increasing the temperature of food to fast boiling in the case of water or rapidly
Fast heating
heating cooking liquids
Ideal for browning, starting to cook, frying frozen products, fast boiling
Frying - boiling
Browning - slow frying -
Ideal for slow frying, maintaining a high boil, cooking and grilling (short duration, 5-10 minutes)
boiling - grilling
Ideal for slow frying, maintaining a low boil, cooking and grilling (medium duration, 10-20 minutes),
Browning - cooking - stewing -
slow frying - grilling
Cooking - stewing -
Ideal for stewing, maintaining a gentle boil, cooking and grilling (long duration).
slow frying - grilling
Ideal for prolonged cooking (rice, sauces, roasts, fish) with liquids (e.g. water, wine, broth, milk),
creaming pasta.
Cooking - simmering -
thickening - creaming pasta
Ideal for prolonged cooking (volumes of less than a litre: rice, sauces, roasts, fish) with liquids
(e.g. water, wine, broth, milk)
Ideal for softening butter, gently melting chocolate, thawing small products and keeping just-cooked
Melting - defrosting -
food hot (e.g. sauces, soups, minestrone)
keeping food hot -
Ideal for keeping just-cooked food hot, creaming risottos and keeping serving dishes warm
creaming risottos
(with induction-suitable accessory),
Hob in standby mode or off (possible end-of-cooking residual heat, indicated by "H")
Support surface
Level use
(indicating cooking experience and habits)
min. 20 mm
min. 7 cm

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