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Control Panel Warnings; Timer - Whirlpool Electric Hob Instructions For Use Manual

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The timer can be used to set the cooking time for a maximum of 99 minutes (1 hour and 39 minutes) for all the cooking zones.
Select the cooking zone to be used with the timer, press the timer (see figure) and a beep signals the function. The display shows "00" and the LED
indication comes on. The Timer value can be decreased and increased by keeping the slider function "+" and "-" buttons pressed. When the set time has
elapsed, an acoustic signal sounds and the cooking zone switches off automatically. To deactivate the timer, keep the Timer button pressed for at least 3 seconds.
To set the timer for another zone, repeat the above steps. The timer display always shows the timer for the selected zone or the shortest timer.
To modify or deactivate the timer, press the cooking zone selection button for the timer in question.
Special functions
Some models have special functions:
Automatic function
The function automatically sets a power level suitable for maintaining a low boil. Activate this function after bringing to the boil, pressing the corresponding zone
button first and then the button
Residual heat indicator.
The hob is fitted with a residual heat indicator for each cooking zone. These indicators alert the user when cooking zones are still hot.
If the display shows , the cooking zone is still hot. If the residual heat indicator of a given cooking zone is lit, that zone can be used, for example, to keep a
dish warm or to melt butter.
When the cooking zone cools down, the display goes off.
Incorrect or missing pot indicator.
If you are using a pot that is not suitable, not correctly positioned or not of the correct dimensions for your induction hob, the message "no pot" will
appear in the display (see figure at side). In these situations it is recommended to reposition the pot on the hob surface until you find the position of
operation. If no pot is detected within 60 seconds, the hob switches off.
Fast boil function (Booster where it is available)
This function, only present on some cooking zones, makes it possible to exploit the hob's maximum power (for example to bring water to the boil very quickly).
To activate the function, press the "+" button until "P" appears on the display. After 5 minutes' use of the booster function, the appliance automatically sets the zone
to level 9.
"Power management" (Function where it is available)
Thanks to the "Power management" function, the user can set the maximum power the hob can reach, as required.
This setting is possible at any time and is maintained until the next change.
By setting the required maximum power, the hob automatically adjusts distribution in the various cooking zones, ensuring that this limit is never exceeded; with the
advantage of also being able to manage all the zones simultaneously, but without overload problems.
4 maximum power levels are available: 2.5 – 4.0 – 6.0 – 7.2 kW
At the time of purchase, the hob is set to maximum power
After plugging the appliance into the electrical socket, in the first 60 seconds it is possible to set the required power level by running the following points:
Control panel
Press for approximately
3 seconds
Press to confirm the
previous step
Press to set the chosen level
amongst the different
options available
Press to confirm the
previous step
In case of an error when setting the power, the symbol
configuration procedure from the beginning. If the error occurs again, contact the After-Sales Service.
During normal use, if the user tries to increase the maximum available power level when reached, the level of the zone in use flashes twice and an acoustic signal
To obtain a higher power in that zone, it is necessary to manually decrease the power level of one or more already active cooking zones.
The display shows
The light comes on together with the in-use
lights for the individual cooking zones
The display shows the set level which flashes
for approximately 2 seconds; after which the
hob emits an acoustic signal and then turns
itself off; it is now ready for use
appears in the middle and an acoustic signal sounds for about 5 seconds. In this case repeat the

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