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Use; First Use; Daily Use - Electrolux EDC 77150 W User Manual

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First Use

Ensure that the electrical connections
comply with the installation instructions.
Remove the polystryrene block and
any material from the drum.
Before using your tumble dryer for
the first time, werecommend that you
to place a few damp clothsinside the
appliance and dry for 30 minutes.
There may be dust inside a brand
new tumble dryer.

Daily Use

Load the laundry
Connect the appliance.
Open the door (see picture).
Place the laundry in the drum, one item at a
ti m e, shaking them out as much as possible.
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Select the required programme
Turn the programme selector dial to the
required programme.
The light Start/Pause starts to flash.
The selector dial is divided into following
Allows you to select electronically
controlled or time controlled drying. Turn
the dial to the required programme or time.
E E l l e e c c t t r r o o n n i i c c a a l l l l y y c c o o n n t t r r o o l l l l e e d d d d r r y y i i n n g g ( ( a a u u t t o o m m a a t t i i c c ) )
The appliance runs these programmes with
the help of probes which detect the degree
of dampness of the laundry. Simply select
the programme according to the type of
laundry and degree of drying required. The
selector dial can be turned either clockwise
or anticlockwise.
At the end of the programme the
selector dial must be turned to
position O, to switch the machine off.
If you turn the programme selector dial
to another programme when the machine is
working, the lights of the programme progress
display start to flash. The machine will
not perform the new selected programme.
Programme Option buttons
Depending on the programme, different
functions can be combined. These must
be selected after choosing the desired
programme and before depressing the
Start/Pause button. When these buttons
are pressed, the corresponding pilot lights



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