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The Filters; Maintenance; Emptying The Water Tank - Electrolux EDC 3250 Instruction Book

Condensing tumble dryer
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Emptying the water tank

If you have connected the tumble dryer directly to a
waste pipe with the accessory hose, you can ignore
this section.
But note that even if the water tank has been bypassed
in this way, the indicator light warning that the tank is
full will flash intermittently during the anti-crease stage.
The tank will not need emptying, but don't forget to
clean the filters.
A warning light on the control panel will flashing and a
buzzer will sound when it is time to empty the water tank.
If it is operating when this happens, the dryer will stop
automatically and the tank will have to be emptied. It is
a good idea to get into the habit of emptying the tank
either before or after each load.
To empty the tank:
1. Open the door.
2. Pull out the tank (Fig. A).
3. Open the tank lid and pour the water out
(Fig. B).
4. Close the lid and push the tank back into
place. Press it home until you can feel that
it is properly in place.
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Table of Contents