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Maintenance; Clean The Lint Filters; Special Filter - Electrolux T5190LE Maintenance Manual

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Maintenance Manual

3 Maintenance

3.1 Clean the lint filters

Disconnect the power to the machine.
Open the door.
Check that the two filters (A) and (B) are clean and unbroken. (Those two filters shall be cleaned after each drying
cycle by the user).
Clean or replace if necessary.

3.2 Special filter

The Special filter (C) is placed under the lint filter (B).
Pull out the filters as far as possible.
Loosen the two nuts on the locking bracket.
It is also possible to reach the nuts from behind the filter (A). Demount the filter (A) and loosen the two nuts on the
locking bracket.
Remove the filters and clean the Special filter (C) with a vacuum cleaner.

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