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Maintenance; The Filters; The Condenser - Electrolux EDC 3250 Instruction Book

Condensing tumble dryer
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The filters

For your tumble dryer to function correctly, the filters need
to be cleaned before or after every load dried.
To clean them:
1. Open the door.
2. Open the coarse filter upwards (Fig. A).
3. Brush the fluff off the fluff filter, which is under the
coarse filter (Fig. B). Sometimes you may need to
remove the fluff filter to clean it on both sides.
Make sure that you put the fluff filter back correctly
after cleaning, before closing the coarse filter.
Never start the dryer unless the fluff filter
is clean and correctly in place, or if the
fluff filter is damaged (this could cause

The condenser

As in all types of tumble dryer, the air circulated through the
dryer picks up fluff. As a result, some fluff will accumulate
in the condenser, so it needs to be cleaned occasionally.
To clean the condenser:
1. Open the door and open the coarse filter upwards.
2. Remove the fluff filter and close the coarse filter
3. Grasp the recesses at the top of the condenser
with your fingers and use your thumbs to press
against the door (Fig. C & D).
The condenser will come free, allowing you to lift
it outwards/upwards. Be careful not to damage
the sensitive aluminium section.
4. Turn it upside down and clean it on both sides,
using a vacuum cleaner. Remove the red drain
plug on the lower edge of the condenser (Fig E).
Lay the condenser flat and fill it with water through
the filter opening. Now leave the condenser to
soak in water for about 5 minutes, then shower
both sides with hot water. (Fig. F).
Dry the condenser carefully afterwards. Don't
forget to put back the red drain plug (Fig. G).
5. Put the condenser back in the dryer. Make sure
that its base is lined up in the slots in the condenser
cavity inside the dryer door.
Press the condenser carefully into place until you
feel and hear a gentle "snap". Put back the fluff
filter and close the coarse filter.
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Table of Contents