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Installation; Positioning; Electrical Supply - Electrolux EDC 3250 Instruction Book

Condensing tumble dryer
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You can install this dryer in a number of different ways.
We will show you the most suitable of these. Whichever
way you install it, here are some points to bear in mind:
Always ensure that the dryer is level for optimum
The temperature in the room should not exceed
+35° C when the dryer is operating. If it does,
open a door or window while the dryer is on. The
dryer uses the air in the room for cooling.
The area around the dryer should be as dust-free
as possible.
If you install the dryer with its door hinge side
towards a wall, or next to a cupboard or wall unit
which is more than 370 mm deep, you will need
to leave a space on the hinge side at least 30 mm
wide. This is to allow the door to open wide enough
for removing the water tank.
Ensure the air ducts are not obstructed.
The dryer must not be installed above a bath or
in a shower area.
The adjustable feet must not be removed,
they ensure that there is adequate ventilation
underneath the dryer.

Electrical supply

The dryer is supplied with a lead and electrical plug for
connection to an earthed wall socket 230 V 10 A.
If the dryer is installed in a bathroom without
fixed wiring to the electrical supply, an earth
leakage circuit breaker (or RCD) must be
Permanent electrical installation must be
carried out by an authorized electrician.
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Table of Contents