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Unpacking The Machine; Damages; Accessories Supplied; Optional Extra Accessories - Electrolux EDC 3250 Instruction Book

Condensing tumble dryer
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Unpacking the machine


If the dryer has been damaged during transport, you
should immediately notify the company responsible for
delivering it.
Check that the dryer is undamaged. If you discover any
damage, faults or that anything is missing, you should
notify the dealer immediately.
Never leave packaging material in a place
where children may play with it.
Accessories supplied with the dryer
Console for wall mounting

Optional extra accessories

Mounting kit for installation on top of a washing machine
150 62 99-00
Drain hose
5647 12 28-10
You can ordered the extra accessories from the same
place where you bought the dryer or direct from the
supplier. (Please specify the relevant part number as
shown here).

Identification of materials

All materials used in packaging the dryer are
environmentally-friendly. The various plastics
used are identified and can be recycled:
• PE stands for polyethylene, which is used for the
bag around the dryer and the bag in which these
instructions were supplied.
• PS stands for (moulded) polystyrene, which is used
for the sections of packaging needed to cushion the
The cardboard components of the packaging are made
from recyclable paper and should be taken to a collection
point for recycling.
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Table of Contents