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Prior To Using For The First Time; Setting The Water Softener - Electrolux FAVORIT 35090 i User Manual

Electrolux dishwasher favorit
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Prior to using for the first time

Prior to using for the first time
If you wish to use 3 in 1 detergent:
– First read the section "Using 3in1 detergents".
– Do not fill up with special salt or rinse aid.
If you do not use 3in1 detergent, before using for the first time
1. Set the water softener
2. Fill up with special salt for water softeners
3. Fill up with rinse aid

Setting the water softener

The water softener must be set manually and electronically:
To avoid scale deposits on the dishes and in the dishwasher, the dishes must be
washed with soft water, i.e. water with a low lime content. The water softener
must be set according to the table to the water hardness in the area where you
live. Your local water company will be able to give you information about the
water hardness in your area.
The dishwasher must be switched off.
Setting manually:
1. Open the dishwasher door.
2. Remove the lower basket from the
3. Turn water hardness dial on the left wall of
the dishwasher interior to 1 or 2 (see table).
Setting electronically:
4. Press and hold Start button.
5. Turn control knob clockwise as far as the first
6. Then release Start button.
– The indicator for the Start button will flash.
– The number of times that the indicator for the end of the dishwashing cycle
flashes corresponds to the hardness setting.
– This sequence of flashes is repeated several times, with a 3 second pause in
7. Pressing the Start button increases the hardness setting by 1.
(Exception: hardness setting 1 follows hardness setting 10).


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