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Electrolux FAVORIT 35090 i User Manual page 25

Electrolux dishwasher favorit
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The indicator for the end of the
dishwashing cycle is flashing in
rhythm 2 short light signals one
after another. (there is water in
the dishwasher's internal tank).
The indicator for the end of the
dishwashing cycle is flashing in
rhythm 3 short light signals one
after another.
The cycle is not starting.
Rust spots are visible in the dish
washing compartment.
A whistling noise can be heard
when washing dishes.
Possible cause
The spigot is blocked.
Water drain hose
has not been correctly posi
The anti flood system has been
The mains plug is not
plugged in.
A fuse in the house's wiring sys
tem is defective.
For dishwasher models with a
delay start timer:
A start time has been selected.
The dishwashing compartment
is made from stainless steel.
Rust spots in the dishwashing
compartment are due to rust
particles from external sources
(rust particles from water pipes,
pans, cutlery, etc.). Remove
such spots with a commercially
available cleaning product for
stainless steel.
The whistling is not a cause for
What to do if...
Clean the spigot.
Check hose installation.
Turn off the tap and con
tact the Customer Care De
Connect the plug to a
mains socket.
Replace fuse.
If the dishes are to be
washed immediately, can
cel the delay start.
Only wash cutlery, dishes
and pans that are suitable
for dishwasher use.
Decalcify appliance with
commercially available
agents for cleaning dish
If the noises can still be
heard after decalcifying the
machine, use a different
brand of detergent for
washing cutlery and dishes.



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