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Setting The Delay Timer; Switching Off The Dishwasher - Electrolux FAVORIT 35090 i User Manual

Electrolux dishwasher favorit
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Setting the Delay Timer

With the delay timer you can delay the start of a dishwashing cycle for 3 hours.
1. Select dishwashing cycle.
The programme progress indictors flash.
2. Press Delay Timer button.
The indicator above the number of hours lights up.
3. Press Start button.
The programme progress indictors go out. The dishwashing cycle will start auto
matically when 3 hours have elapsed.
Cancelling the delay timer:
Press the delay timer button. The hours indicator goes out. The selected dish
washing cycle will begin.

Switching off the dishwasher

Do not switch off the dishwasher until the indicator for the end of the dish
washing cycle is illuminated.
1. Turn control knob to the Off position.
All display indicators will go out.
2. Turn off the water tap.
Carefully open the door. Hot steam may escape.
• Hot dishes are sensitive to knocks. Therefore leave the dishes to cool for about
15 minutes before removing them. You also get a better drying result.
• Dishes dry more quickly if you open the door for a moment after the cycle has
ended and then leave it slightly open.
Removing the dishes
It is normal for the inner door and the dispensers to be damp.
• Empty the lower basket first, then the upper basket. This way you avoid drip
ping water from the upper basket onto dishes in the lower basket.
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