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Adding Detergent - Electrolux FAVORIT 35090 i User Manual

Electrolux dishwasher favorit
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In daily use

Adding detergent

Detergents remove the dirt from dishes and
The detergent must be added before the
cycle starts.
Only use detergent intended for domestic
The detergent compartment is located on
the inside of the door.
1. If the lid is closed:
Press the release button.
The lid will spring open.
2. Place the detergent in the detergent dis
penser. The markings indicate the dosing
levels for powder detergents: "20/30" cor
responds to approx.
20/30 ml of detergent.
Follow the manufacturer's instructions
with regard to dosing and storage.
3. Close the lid and press until it locks into
In the case of very heavily soiled dishes, fill
the adjoining compartment (1) with addi
tional detergent. This detergent comes into
use during the pre wash cycle.
Concentrated detergents
Today's detergents for dishwashers are almost exclusively low alkaline concen
trated detergents with natural enzymes in tablet or powder form.
Using 50°C dishwashing cycles in conjunction with these concentrated deter
gents reduces pollution and is good for your dishes, as these dishwashing cycles
are specially matched to the dirt dissolving properties of the enzymes in con
centrated detergents. It is for this reason that using 50 °C dishwashing cycles in
conjunction with concentrated detergents can achieve the same cleaning results
that can otherwise only be achieved using 65 °C cycles.


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