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Removing The Transport Support; Rear Spacers; Connecting The Water - AEG A92860GNX1 User Manual

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Table of Contents

7.4 Removing the transport support


7.5 Rear spacers

7.6 Connecting the water

Water supply should be provided with a
tap and 3/4" male connector within 1,5
m from the appliance.
This work is to be carried out by a skilled
There are different type-approved taps
and tap assemblies on the market.
The water hose must not be cracked,
squeezed or put in tight bends.
The safety valve provided in a package
inside the appliance should be used to
prevent overflow.
Your appliance is equipped with trans-
port support to secure the door during
To remove them do these steps:
• Open the door.
• Remove the transport support from
the door sides.
• Remove the transport support from
the lower hinge (some models).
Some models are fitted with a si-
lencing pad under the cabinet.
Do not remove this pad.
• Install the spacers provided within the
accessory bag as shown in the figure.
• Install the spacers on the brackets of
the condenser (black grill) at the back
of the appliance.
Before the safety valve is placed on the
tap, turn the pointer counter clockwise
to number 10 with the enclosed plastic
Install the safety valve on the tap and let
at least 10 litres of water flow through
the device.
Before connecting the appliance turn
the pointer to number 1 on the safety
If the safety valve has shut off, detach it
and press the red plunger which is loca-
ted inside the lower housing of the de-
vice itself.
Before the appliance is placed in final lo-
cation, ensure that the water connection


Table of Contents

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