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Care And Cleaning; Daily Use - AEG A92860GNX1 User Manual

Aeg freezer
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Make sure that the power plug is
not squashed or damaged by the
back of the appliance. A squashed
or damaged power plug may
overheat and cause a fire.
Make sure that you can come to
the mains plug of the appliance.
Do not pull the mains cable.
If the power plug socket is loose,
do not insert the power plug.
There is a risk of electric shock or
You must not operate the appli-
ance without the lamp cover (if
foreseen) of interior lighting.
• This appliance is heavy. Care should
be taken when moving it.
• Do not remove nor touch items from
the freezer compartment if your hands
are damp/wet, as this could cause skin
abrasions or frost/freezer burns.
• Avoid prolonged exposure of the ap-
pliance to direct sunlight.
• Bulb lamps (if foreseen) used in this
appliance are special purpose lamps
selected for household appliances use
only. They are not suitable for house-
hold room illumination.

1.3 Daily Use

• Do not put hot pot on the plastic parts
in the appliance.
• Do not store flammable gas and liquid
in the appliance, because they may
• Do not place food products directly
against the air outlet on the rear wall.
(If the appliance is Frost Free)
• Frozen food must not be re-frozen
once it has been thawed out.
• Store pre-packed frozen food in ac-
cordance with the frozen food manu-
facturer's instructions.
• Appliance's manufacturers storage
recommendations should be strictly
adhered to. Refer to relevant instruc-
• Do not place carbonated or fizzy
drinks in the freezer compartment as it
creates pressure on the container,
which may cause it to explode, result-
ing in damage to the appliance.
• Ice lollies can cause frost burns if con-
sumed straight from the appliance.

1.4 Care and cleaning

• Before maintenance, switch off the ap-
pliance and disconnect the mains plug
from the mains socket.
• Do not clean the appliance with metal
• Do not use sharp objects to remove
frost from the appliance. Use a plastic
• Never use a hair drier or other heating
appliances to speed up defrosting. Ex-
cessive heat may damage the plastic
interior, and humidity could enter the
electric system making it live.
1.5 Installation
For electrical connection careful-
ly follow the instructions given in
specific paragraphs.
• Unpack the appliance and check if
there are damages on it. Do not con-
nect the appliance if it is damaged.
Report possible damages immediately
to the place you bought it. In that case
retain packing.
• It is advisable to wait at least four
hours before connecting the appli-
ance to allow the oil to flow back in
the compressor.
• Adequate air circulation should be
around the appliance, lacking this
leads to overheating. To achieve suffi-
cient ventilation follow the instructions
relevant to installation.
• Wherever possible the back of the
product should be against a wall to
avoid touching or catching warm parts
(compressor, condenser) to prevent
possible burn.
• The appliance must not be located
close to radiators or cookers.
• Make sure that the mains plug is ac-
cessible after the installation of the ap-
• Connect to potable water supply only
(If a water connection is foreseen).


Table of Contents

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