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Grizzly G0745 Owner's Manual: Backlash Adjustment; Cross Slide; Carriage

4" x 6" micro metal lathe.
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backlash Adjustment

Backlash is the amount of free-play in the lead-
screws. it can be felt while changing rotation
directions with the cross slide and longitudinal
feed handwheels. Before beginning any adjust-
ment, make sure all associated components are
cleaned and lubricated, and the locks are loose.
Reducing backlash to less than 0.002" is
impractical and can lead to accelerated wear
in the leadscrew and other components.
Avoid the temptation to overtighten the
backlash nut or screw while adjusting.

Cross Slide

Tools Needed:
phillips head screwdriver #1 ............................. 1
the cross slide backlash is adjusted by loosening
phillips head screw (see figure 38). When the
screw is tightened, the leadscrew nut draws the
leadscrew up, removing free-play.
figure 38. Cross slide backlash adjustment
to adjust the backlash, move the tool post out
of the way, or remove it. then, rock the cross
slide handwheel back and forth, and tighten the
screw slowly until the backlash is approximately
0.002"–0.003" as indicated on the graduated dial.
if you end up adjusting the nut too tight, loosen
the screw, turn the handwheel back and forth until
it turns freely—then try again.
Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)


Tools Needed:
hex Wrench 5mm .............................................. 1
the carriage handwheel backlash is adjusted with
the leadscrew supports (see figure 39).
figure 39. Carriage adjustment screws and
to access the leadscrew supports, remove the
leadscrew cover. loosen the four cap screws,
push the leadscrew supports towards the center
of the lathe, then tighten the cap screws. turn the
handwheel—backlash should be approximately
0.002"–0.003" as indicated on the graduated
dial. if the adjustment is too tight, loosen the
cap screws, and re-adjust the supports until the
handwheel turns freely. re-install the leadscrew
cover when finished.
Cap screws
leadscrew supports.


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