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Generac Power Systems 00941-3 Owners And Installation Manual: Fire Hazards; Explosion Hazards

Air-cooled recreational vehicle generator with inverter.
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• When working on this equipment, remain alert at
all times. Never work on the equipment when
physically or mentally fatigued.
• Inspect the generator regularly, and contact the
nearest Generac Authorized Service Dealer imme-
diately for parts needing repair or replacement.
• Before performing any maintenance on the genera-
tor, disconnect its battery cables to prevent acci-
dental startup. First, disconnect the cable from the
battery post, indicated by a NEGATIVE, NEG, or
(–). Reconnect this cable last.
• Never use the generator, or any of its parts, as a
step. Stepping on the unit can stress and break
parts, resulting in dangerous operating conditions
due to leaking exhaust gases, fuel leakage, oil leak-
age, etc.
• Never insert any tool or other object through open-
ings in the generator interior, even if the unit is not
running. Seriouse injury or damage to the equip-
ment may occur.
• The generator covered by this manual produces
dangerous electrical voltages and can cause fatal
electrical shock. Avoid contact with bare wires, ter-
minals, connections, etc., while the unit is running.
Before operating the generator, ensure all appro-
priate covers, guards, and barriers are in place . If
work must be donearound an operating unit,
stand on an insulated, dry surface to reduce shock
• Do not handle any kind of electrical device while
standing in water, while barefoot, or while hands
• During installation onto the vehicle, have the gen-
erator properly grounded (bonded), either by solid
mounting to the vehicle frame or chassis, or by
means of an approved bonding conductor. DO
NOT disconnect the bonding conductor, if so
equipped. DO NOT reconnect the bonding conduc-
tor to any generator part that might be removed or
disassembled during routine maintenance. If the
grounding conductor must be replaced, use only a
flexible conductor that is of No. 8 American Wire
Gauge (AWG) copper wire minimum.
• In case of an accident caused by electric shock,
immediately shut down the source of electrical
power. If this is not possible, attempt to free the
victim from the live conductor. AVOID DIRECT
CONTACT WITH THE VICTIM. Use a nonconduct-
ing implement, such as, a dry rope or board, to
free the victim from the live conductor. If the victim
is unconscious, apply first aid and get immediate
medical help.
IMPACT-36 plus II Recreational Vehicle Generator
• Never wear jewelry when working on this equip-
ment. Jewelry can conduct electricity, resulting in
electric shock, or may get caught in moving com-
ponents, causing, injury.
• For fire safety, the generator must be installed and
maintained properly. Installation must always
comply with NFPA 70 (latest edition), "National
Electrical Code", Article 551, and NFPA 1192 (lat-
est edition), "Standard for Recreational Vehicles",
along with all applicable codes, standards, laws,
and regulations. Adhere strictly to local, state, and
federal electrical and building codes. Comply with
regulations the Occupational Safety and Health
Administration (OSHA) has established. Also,
ensure that the generator is installed in accor-
dance with the manufacturer's instructions and
recommendations. After proper installation, do
nothing that might alter the installation and render
the unit in noncompliance with the aforemen-
tioned codes, standards, laws, and regulations.
• Keep a fire extinguisher in the vehicle at all times.
Extinguishers rated "ABC" by the National Fire
Protection Association are appropriate for use on
the recreational vehicle generator electrical sys-
tem. Keep the extinguisher properly charged and
be familiar with its use. If there are any questions
pertaining to fire extinguishers, consult the local
fire department.
• Do not smoke around the generator. Wipe off any
fuel or oil spills immediately. Ensure that no com-
bustible material is left in the generator compart-
ment, or on or near the generator, as FIRE or
EXPLOSION may result. Keep the area surround-
ing the generator clean and free of debris.
• All fuel types are potentially FLAMMABLE and/or
EXPLOSIVE and should be handled with care.
Comply with all laws regulating the storage and
handling of fuels. Inspect the unit's fuel system fre-
quently and correct any leaks immediately. Before
placing this equipment into service, the fuel supply
lines must be properly installed, purged, and leak-
tested according to applicable fuel-gas codes.
Safety Rules



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