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Generac Power Systems 00941-3 Owners And Installation Manual: Electrical Connections

Air-cooled recreational vehicle generator with inverter.
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Failure to provide and maintain a spark arrestor may
be in violation of the law. If this generator is used on
any forest covered, brush covered, or grass covered
unimproved land, provide a spark arrestor. The vehi-
cle owner or operator must maintain this device in
good condition. In the State of California, the preced-
ing is required by law (Section 4442 of the California
Public Resources Code). Other states may have simi-
lar laws. Federal laws apply on federal lands.
• The Impact-36 plus and Impact-34 plus II genera-
tors have a configuration for a bottom out exhaust
system and is equipped with such an exhaust muf-
fler (Figure 2.17).
Figure 2.17 — Exhaust System
• Model 004283-0 Exhaust Adapter mates to the
O.D. of the spark arrestor outlet of the muffler. It
allows the use of 1-1/4" O.D. exhaust pipe to be
clamped in place (Figure 2.18).
Figure 2.18 — Exhaust Adapter
28 Generac
Power Systems, Inc.
Section 2 – Installation
IMPACT-36 plus II Recreational Vehicle Generator
• Maintain a clearance of at least 3 inches (76mm)
between exhaust system parts and any com-
bustible material (such as wood, felt, cotton,
organic fibers or other like material). If the 3-inch
clearance cannot be maintained, locate, insulate or
shield the exhaust part(s) so that the temperature
of any combustible material is not raised more
than 117°F (65°C) above the ambient air tempera-
• Extend the exhaust system at least one inch
(25mm) past the outer edge of the vehicle. Do not
terminate the exhaust system under the vehicle.
• Terminate the exhaust tailpipe such that exhaust
gases will not be drawn back into the generator
compartment and recirculated.
• If there is any possibility of the tailpipe or muffler
being damaged, protect these damage prone areas
by means of a protective device (such as a "skid
• Install the generator exhaust system according to
safe automotive practices.
• Use enough exhaust system hangers to prevent any
part of the system from being dislocated.
• Use exhaust system parts recommended by
Generac. Using unapproved exhaust mufflers and
exhaust system parts is the responsibility of the
person(s) installing such unauthorized parts.
• Do not terminate the exhaust system under any
opening, window or vent which can be opened or is
not permanently sealed from the vehicle interior.
• Exhaust piping must be large enough to prevent
excessive back pressure on the generator engine.
• Never tee the generator engine exhaust pipe into
the vehicle engine exhaust piping. This causes
excessive back pressure on the generator engine.
Also, water from one engine can damage the other
• Plan exhaust system installation carefully. Comply
with all applicable codes, standards and regula-


The following general rules apply to electrical con-
nections in a recreational vehicle:
• Qualified electricians who are familiar with applic-
able codes, standards and regulations should
install electrical wiring.
• The wiring should comply with codes, standards
and regulations. The National Electric Code (NFPA
70), as well as state and local codes, apply.
• Switches and circuit breakers should be of a type
approved for use in recreational vehicles and must
be mounted and installed to prevent damage from
road shock.


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