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Generac Power Systems 00941-3 Owners And Installation Manual Page 23

Air-cooled recreational vehicle generator with inverter.
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Plan the compartment size carefully. Provide a mini-
mum of at least 1 inch (2" recommended) of clear-
ance between the generator and compartment walls
and 1 inch (2" recommended) of clearance between
the generator and the ceiling AFTER the compart-
ment has been lined with metal, and AFTER sound
insulation has been installed (Figure 2.5).
Refer to the "Major Features and Dimensions"
drawing in the back of this manual.
Figure 2.5 — Provide Clearance Around
• The generator compartment should be constructed
of 1/2 inch thick plywood. Make the compartment
floor a double thickness of 1/2 inch plywood with
the grain of the wood at cross section for added
strength (Figure 2.6).
Figure 2.6 — Typical Compartment Construction
Section 2 – Installation
IMPACT-36 plus II Recreational Vehicle Generator
• Line the entire compartment interior with 26 gauge
galvanized steel as described above.
• Line the exterior (underside) of the compartment
floor with 26 gauge galvanized steel.
• Vapor seal all compartment seams and joints, to
prevent poisonous, flammable or explosive vapors
from entering the vehicle interior. Refer to the
sealant information as noted previously.
Silicone rubber base sealant is an acceptable
caulking material. Pressing putty tape onto com-
partment joints and seams is NOT acceptable.
• After the compartment has been metal lined and
vapor sealed, line the compartment interior walls
and ceiling with an approved, non-flammable
sound insulating material. See "Sound Insulating
Do not install sound insulation or any
absorbent material on the compartment floor
interior. Such materials will become soaked
with combustible or explosive vapors and liq-
uids and will become a fire hazard.
• Openings in compartment walls for passage of elec-
trical conduit, conductors, hoses, cables, etc.,
must be made vapor tight with suitable caulking
• Flexible conduit must be sealed internally at the
end where it terminates inside a compartment's
electrical junction box.
The preceding is required because flexible con-
duit, due to its unique construction, is not vapor-
tight along its entire length.
Do not install any flammable material directly
above or around the compartment. Heat,
transferred through the compartment struc-
ture, may be sufficient to ignite, char or dis-
color seat cushions, fiberboard and other
flammable materials. Use approved non-flam-
mable insulating materials in high tempera-
ture areas.
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