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Generac Power Systems 00941-3 Owners And Installation Manual: Section 1 - General Information; Purpose And Scope Of The Manual; Safety; Standards Booklets

Air-cooled recreational vehicle generator with inverter.
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These Installation Instructions have been prepared
especially for the purpose of familiarizing installers
and owners of the applicable equipment with the
product's installation requirements. Give serious
consideration to all information and instructions in
the manual, both for safety and for continued reliable
operation of the equipment.
Because of the different recreational vehicle models
and the variations between the models, it would be
extremely difficult, if not impractical, to provide
detailed instructions for every possible installation.
For that reason, instructions and illustrations in this
manual are general in nature. Illustrations are not
intended to serve as detailed installation blueprints.
The installation should comply strictly with all
applicable codes, standards, and regulations pertain-
ing to the installation and use of this product. If any
portion of this manual appears to be in conflict with
such codes, standards, or regulations, the applicable
codes, standards, or regulations must take prece-
dence over the manual.


Before handling, installing, operating, or servicing
this equipment, carefully read the "Notice to
Installer" and "Safety Rules" on Pages 18 and 19.
Comply with all safety rules to prevent death, per-
sonal injury, or damage to equipment and/or proper-
ty. Stress safety to all installers, operators, and ser-
vice technicians who work on this equipment.


Installation, use, and servicing of this equipment
should comply strictly with published standards, as
well as the manufacturer's recommendations. The
following standards booklets (latest revision) are
available from the sources indicated:
1. NFPA 1192, "Standard for Recreational Vehicles"
(replaces ANSI A119.2/NFPA 501C), available
from the National Fire Protection Association,
Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA 02269.
18 Generac
Power Systems, Inc.
Section 1 – General Information
IMPACT-36 plus II Recreational Vehicle Generator
2. NFPA 70, "NFPA Handbook of the National
Electric Code," available same as Item 1.
3. ANSI/RVIA EGS-1, "Engine Generator Sets for
Recreational Vehicle Safety Requirements", ava-
ialable from the Recreational Vehicle Industry
Association, 1896 Preston White Drive, Reston,
VA 22090.
4. California Administrative Code, Title 25, avail-
able from the State of California, Documents
Section, P .O. Box 1015, North Highlands,
CA 95660.
5. CSA Electrical Bulletin 946, available from the
Canadian Standards Association, Housing and
Constructions Materials Section, 178 Rexdale
Boulevard, Rexdale, Ontario, Canada, M9W 1R3.


Instructions and information in this section pertain
to Generac Impact air-cooled generators — more
specifically, the installation of Impact-34 plus II and
IMPACT-36 plus II Recreational Vehicle Generators.
These generators are designed specifically for
installing in recreational vehicles.
The generators are driven by gasoline-powered, sin-
gle-cylinder engines. The engines drive revolving
fields (rotors), high frequency, permanent magnet
alternators. The generators supply 120 volts AC at 60
Hertz with DC inverter. The generators revolving
fields are driven at a variable speed depending on the
demand for power. Computers monitor that demand
and adjust the engine speed to provide adequate
power to the connected loads.


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