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Electrolux EHE6043 Instruction Booklet page 9

Electric hob
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For the correct use of the hot-
For better efficiency of the electric
hotplates and
switch on the hotplates only after
placing the pots on them.
For cooking on the electric hotplates
it is advisable to use triple-bottom
pots of the same width as the cooking
zone, or slightly larger (Fig. 3).
Do not use wet pots on the electric
hot-plates, and do not place wet lids
on the switched off hot-plates,
because the moisture and condensate
could damage them.
If possible, place lids on the pots.
Copper or aluminium pots and pans
are not very suitable for cooking on
the electric hotplates, because they
can leave residues, stains and marks.
Likewise, meat grills in cast iron or
other alloys are not suitable for cooking
on the electric hotplates, because
they cause dangerous accumulation
of heat.
Also, the rough bottom can scratch
the cooktop and the material can
stain it. Possibly choose a meat grill in
stainless steel with triple bottom.
The use of glass containers is also
inadvisable, because they usually
have very uneven bottoms. Never use
plastic containers.
Do not place unstable or deformed
pots on the hotplates because they
could tip over or spill their contents
and thus cause accidents.
Pots must not enter the control zone.
Make sure boiling liquids do not spill
onto the hotplates.
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