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Electrolux EHE6043 Instruction Booklet page 19

Electric hob
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The hob must be installed
according to the instructions
The hob must be installed by
qualified personnel
qualified personnel
qualified personnel to the
qualified personnel
qualified personnel
relevant British Standards.
Please, ensure that, once the hob
is installed, it is easily accessible
for the engineer in the event of a
When the hob is first installed
Once the hob has been installed,
it is important to remove any
protective materials, which were
put on in the factory.
The manufacturer will not accept
liability, should the above
instructions or any of the other
safety instructions incorporated in
this book be ignored.
These cooktops are designed for
fitting on modular kitchen cabinets
having a depth of between 550 and 600
mm and suitable characteristics.
Fitting the Hob into the
The cooktop can be installed in a
cabinet having an opening of the
dimensions given in Fig. 7. The opening
for fitting must be at least 55 mm from
the back wall. Possible right or left side
walls higher than the cooktop must be
at least 100 mm from the opening in the
Dimensions are given in mm.
electrolux 19
Fig. 7



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