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Important Safety Information - Electrolux EHE6043 Instruction Booklet

Electric hob
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Important Safety Information

This new appliance is easy to use.
However, make sure to read this handbook before installing and using
the appliance for the first time. In this way you can obtain best performance,
avoid incorrect operations, use the appliance in complete safety and
respect the environment.
This hob must be installed by qualified
personnel, according to the
manufacturer's instructions and to the
relevant British Standards.
Before carrying out any operation,
make sure the appliance is
DISCONNECTED from the power
Remove all packaging before using
the hob.
After unpacking the appliance, make
sure it is not damaged and that the
power cable is in perfect condition.
Otherwise, contact the dealer before
using the appliance.
The Manufacturer declines any liability
if the accident-prevention regulations
are not respected.
Children's safety
This appliance must only be used by
adults. Make sure children do not
play with the appliance or touch the
This appliance is not intended for use
by children or other persons whose
capabilities or lack of experience and
knowledge prevents them from using
the appliance safely without
supervision or instruction by a
responsible person to ensure that
they can use the appliance safely.
During use
The exposed parts of this appliance
become hot during cooking and
remain so for some time even after the
appliance is turned off. Keep children
away until the appliance has cooled.
This product is designed for non-
professional home use, for cooking
food. Do not use it for any other
Modifying or attempting to change
the characteristics of this product is
Keep the appliance clean. Food
residuals can create the risk of fire.
In case of faults, never try to repair the
appliance on your own. Repairs
carried out by unqualified persons
can cause damage and accidents.
Firstly, consult this handbook. If you
do not find the necessary information,
contact the nearest Service Centre.
Assistance for this appliance must be
carried out by an authorised Technical
Service Centre. Always demand the
use of original spare parts.
After using the appliance, make sure
all the controls are in the "CLOSED"
or "OFF" position.
Do not use steam or steam appliances
to clean the equipment.
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