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Electrolux EHE6043 Instruction Booklet page 15

Electric hob
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Electrical Connections
Any electrical work required to
install this hob should be carried
out by a qualified electrician or
competent person, in accordance
with the current regulations.
The manufacturer declines any
liability should these safety measures not
be observed.
This hob is designed to be
connected to a 230 V 50 Hz electrical
Before switching on, make sure the
electricity supply voltage is the same as
that indicated on the hob rating plate.
The rating plate is located on the bottom
of the hob. A copy is attached on the
back cover of this book.
Before carrying out the connection,
make sure:
1) the limiter valve and the electrical
system can take the appliance load (see
the rating plate);
2) the supply system is equipped
with an efficient earth connection in
compliance with the current standards
and regulations;
3) the outlet or omnipolar switch
used for connection are easily
accessible with the appliance installed.
The appliance is not equipped with
a power cable.
A cable of section adequate for the
load must be installed on the
equipment. The type of cable must have
characteristics. It is advisable to use the
following types of cables or others with
similar characteristics: H05 V2V2-F. The
cable has three wires. The earth wire is
yellow/green and must be approx. 2 cm
longer than the phase and neutral wires
(Fig. 5). Fit the cable with a plug suitable
for the load and connect it to a suitable
safety socket.
To connect directly to the mains, a
suitable omnipolar switch complying
with current standards and with a
contact gap of at least 3 mm must be
installed between the appliance and the
electrical system.
The yellow/green earth wire must not
be interrupted by the switch. The brown
phase wire (coming from terminal "L" on
the terminal block) must always be
connected to the power supply phase.
In any case the power cable must be
positioned in such a way that no part of
it reaches a temperature of 50°C higher
than the ambient temperature.
The cable is guided by means of
clamps fixed to the side of the cabinet,
in order to avoid any contact with the
equipment beneath the cooktop.
The Manufacturer declines any
liability if the accident-prevention
regulations are not respected.
Fig. 5
electrolux 15
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