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Spray Arm; Coarse Strainer/Microfilter; Fine Filter; Detergent Dispenser - Electrolux ESF2420 Instruction Book

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Description of the appliance

Spray arm (1)

It is important to keep all the holes in the spray arm clear.
A clogged hole can seriously affect washing efficiency.
If the spray arm needs cleaning, unscrew the nut anti-
clockwise, remove the washer and lift off the spray arm.
Clear the holes and shake out any food remnants.
Coarse strainer/microfilter (2)
The purpose of the coarse strainer is to catch large objects
such as a cocktail stick and pieces of eggshell. Make sure
that the strainer is always clean. Turn the coarse strainer
anti-clockwise. Lift it out and rinse it under running water
whenever necessary.
Fine filter (3)
It is just as important to keep this filter clean. A dirty or
clogged filter will always impair washing efficiency.
The fine filter can easily be lifted out for cleaning when
you have removed the coarse strainer.

Detergent dispenser (4)

Open the lid to the dispenser by pressing the lid catch
towards the compartment. Consult the instructions on the
detergent packet, fill the compartment accordingly and
close the lid. Remember that the instructions usually refer
to full-size dishwashers, for example when using detergent
tablets, it is sufficient to use just half a tablet. Pre-wash
detergent is poured into the smaller compartment to the
left when needed. This detergent is active allready at pre-
rinsing. Make sure that there is no items that prevents the
lid from opening.
Only use detergents specially designed for

Rinse aid dispenser (5)

Use of rinse aid will result in cleaner and faster drying of
the load, since it helps water and soil to run off.
Too much rinse aid may result in streakiness, too little
may cause white spots. The dispenser holds about 150 ml.
This is enough for approx. 60 wash cycles, depending
on the dosage setting. Adjust the dosage setting according
to the hardness of the water.
You can set the dosage between 1 - 6, the appli-
ance is factory set to 1.
Begin at the lowest dosage setting and increase
if necessary by turning the setting arrow with e.g.
the handle of a spoon.
The amount of rinse aid can be checked trough the lens
on the dispenser. When the lens is clear, requires refilling
of rinse aid.
1. Open the lid to the dispenser by pressing the lid
catch towards the compartment and lift the lid.
2. Fill up with rinse aid; do not overfill.
3. Wipe off any spillage carefully to prevent excessive
foaming during the next wash programme.
4. Close the lid and press until it locks again.
Do not fill the rinse aid dispenser with liquid
Electrolux recommends the use of Finish dish-
washer detergent and Rinse Aid.

Water softener (6)

This dishwasher is equipped with a water softener for hard
water. The lime in hard water causes white deposits to
occur on dishes and to the interior of the dishwasher.
To prevent this, the water has to pass through a special
container where the hardness is removed.
Since the water softener uses dishwasher salt, you will
have to refill the salt container after a certain number of
dishwasher cycles.
It is extremely important, that the salt
container is filled up with the dishwasher
salt before using the dishwasher for the
first time.
The indicator light
the container requires refilling.
1. Unscrew the filler cap to the salt container anti-
2. Fill the salt container with water (only the first
3. Fill the container with coarse salt, using the
funnel supplied.
4. Remove the funnel and wipe off any spillage
around the filler opening.
5. Screw the filler cap back properly in place.
The water softener is now ready for the first load of dishes.
Always make sure that there is coarse grained salt in the
container, which holds about 1 litre.
How to adjust the water softener, see chapter "Adjusting
the water softener".
Only use special salt for dishwashing
machines, ordinary domestic salt, especially
table salt, can damage the water softener.
- 5 -
on the control panel is lit when

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