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Installation; Water Inlet; Water Drainage - Electrolux ESF2420 Instruction Book

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Water inlet

The dishwasher is equipped with safety features
which are to prevent the water from going back
to the fresh water system. These features are ac-
cording to current water technical safety regulations.
The dishwasher should be permanently plumbed into a
separate cold water supply.
The water pressure must be within the limits given in the
technical specifications, as it will not function correctly if
pressure is outside these specifications.
Your local Water Authority will advise you on the average
mains pressure in your area. Where the water is supplied
from a cold water cistern you can work out the pressure
yourself by measuring the vertical distance (or 'Head')
between the dishwasher's inlet hose and the outlet from the
cold water storage cistern; allowing .86 psi for every 2 feet
under normal conditions.
We would advise you to have a shut-off valve or stop-cock
in the water supply pipe close to the dishwasher and
accessible for easy use. This should be turned off when the
appliance is not in use. Connect the inlet hose to a tap with
a 3/4" pipe thread.
The inlet hose must not be joined onto any form of exten-
sion hose. If it is too short, the entire hose must be repla-ced
with a longer high-pressure hose, specially designed for the
purpose. The end of the hose, which is connected to the
dishwasher can be turned in any direction. Loosen the
retaining nut, turn the hose, then retighten the nut.
Check that the nut and all other connections are
tight before the machine is moved into position.
Use only the inlet hose supplied to the dish-
washer. Do not reuse an inlet hose used with a
previous machine.

Water drainage

To protect the dishwasher against water damage it is
equipped with a water safety system. In the event of
a fault the drain-pump starts automatically and the
remaining water inside the dishwasher is pumped out.
The water safety system also works when the
dishwasher is switched off. However the dish-
washer must be connected electrically.
Place the discharge hose over the sink as illustrated.
It must not at any point be higher up than 75 cm over the
surface which the dishwasher is standing on. If it runs
higher, operation of the dishwasher might be impaired.
It is also important to ensure that the inside diameter of the
hose is not less than 13 mm at any point. If the discharge
hose is too long, it can easily be cut to the right length.
1. Cut the hose to a suitable length, using a sharp
2. Fit the elbow supplied onto the end of the hose.
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