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Electrolux MAC 538E Instruction Manual page 4

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Choke partially opened
Choke closed (cold start)
Brake engaged / disengaged
Beware of kickback
1 All operators should read this manual carefully before
using this chainsaw; only use this machine for usage
specifically mentioned in this manual.
Wear suitable clothing. This should include snugly-fitting
(safety) clothing, sturdy boots, heavy duty gloves, goggles
or a face screen and ear plugs or ear mufflers. Wear a hel-
met if there is risk of falling objects or projections from trees.
2 Always hold the chainsaw firmly with both hands when
the engine is running. Always maintain a firm foothold.
Ensure you are able to stop the engine quickly if neces-
sary.Do not work up a tree unless you have received suit-
able training and have the appropriate equipment (belts,
ropes, safety hooks etc.) for this type of work.
We strongly recommend that all first-time chainsaw users
obtain practical instruction on safe chainsaw usage
before operating the chainsaw.
Do not operate this machine when tired or under the influ-
ence of any substances, drugs or alcohol which can
impair vision, dexterity or judgement.
Prolonged use of chainsaws or other machines exposing
the operator to vibration may produce Whitefinger's
Disease (Raynaud's Phenomenon). This may reduce the
hands' ability to feel and regulate temperature and may
produce general numbness. Continual or regular users
should therefore monitor closely the condition of their
B. Safety precautions
hands or fingers. If any of the symptoms appear, seek
immediate medical advice.
3 Never carry the chainsaw with the engine running.
Whenever carrying a chainsaw, even for short distances,
the chain should be covered by the chain guard (scab-
bard) and the bar should point backwards.
When transporting the chainsaw in a vehicle, secure the
saw to prevent fuel spillage.
4 To avoid kick-back, do not attempt to cut with the nose of
the bar. Ensure the engine is running at full throttle before
commencing to cut. To avoid kick-back, do not let the nose
of the bar come into contact with logs, branches, the
ground or any other obstruction. Do not allow any part of
the chain to come into contact with rock, nails or wire fence
Ensure the chain is kept sharp and correctly tensioned.
Keep the spike or the saw body against the wood when
cutting. Use only genuine accessories and spare parts.
We recommend you have your unit periodically checked
and serviced by an authorised dealer.
Do not use chainsaw above shoulder height.
5 Do not operate the chainsaw near a naked flame or
spilled fuel. Only operate the chainsaw outside and in
well ventilated areas.
After re-fuelling, always wipe off any spilled fuel. Move
the chainsaw away from the fuelling point before
starting the engine.
Do not cut with the end on the bar,
this may cause kickback
Never use the machine with only one
Always use the machine with both
Switch off the engine by moving the
stop switch to the STOP position
before carrying out any checks
or maintenance.
Oil/petrol mix

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