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Electrolux EOC68000 User Manual

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Built-In Electric Oven



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  Summary of Contents for Electrolux EOC68000

  • Page 1 Built-In Electric Oven EOC68000...
  • Page 2 We were thinking of you when we made this product...
  • Page 3 electrolux 3 Welcome to the world of Electrolux Thank you for choosing a first class product from Electrolux, which hopefully will provide you with lots of pleasure in the future. The Electrolux ambition is to offer a wide variety of quality products that make your life more comfortable.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    4 electrolux contents Contents Safety instructions Description of the Appliance Before Using for the first time Using the Oven Cleaning and Care What to do if … Installation Instructions Disposal Guarantee/Customer Service Index Service The following symbols are used in this user manual: Important information concerning your personal safety and information on how to avoid damaging the appliance.
  • Page 5: Safety Instructions

    safety instructions electrolux 5 • Warning: Risk of burns! The interi- or of the oven becomes hot during use. • Using ingredients containing alcohol in the oven may create an alcohol-air Safety instructions mixture that is easily ignited. In this case, open the door carefully.
  • Page 6 6 electrolux safety instructions How to avoid damage to the appliance • Do not line the oven with aluminium foil and do not place baking trays, pots, etc. on the oven floor, as the heat that builds up will damage the oven enamel.
  • Page 7: Description Of The Appliance

    description of the appliance electrolux 7 Description of the Appliance General Overview Oven displays Light bars. and Touch Control sensor fields Door Oven door handle The oven switches off after 2 min- utes, if no function is selected and is changed at the oven nothing, the light remains however on.
  • Page 8: The Electronic Oven Controls

    8 electrolux description of the appliance The electronic oven controls Indicators Menu option symbol Clock Heat indicator (with oven shelf level) Time functions Temperature Weight Symbols Various symbols will now be shown in the display depending on the selected function. Display Symbol Function...
  • Page 9 description of the appliance electrolux 9 Touch Control sensor fields The appliance is operated using Touch Control sensor fields. You control the functions by touching the sensor fields. When you are using the controls make sure that you only touch one sensor field.
  • Page 10 10 electrolux description of the appliance Sensor Function Comment field To move down and up in the When a function is active: menu. • Press once: Change to the higher menu (function remains active), after 5 seconds move again into the active menu option •...
  • Page 11: Oven Features

    description of the appliance electrolux 11 Oven Features Top heat and heating elements Smell Filter Oven lighting Shelf positions Meat probe socket Fat Filter Oven lighting Fan heating element Bottom Heat Oven shelf runners, removable Inside of door On the inside of the oven door you will find the numbers of the different oven shelves.
  • Page 12: Oven Accessories

    12 electrolux description of the appliance Oven accessories Oven shelf For cookware, cake tins, roasts and grilled foods. Baking tray For cakes and biscuits. Roasting Pan For baking and roasting or as a pan for collecting fat. Meat probe For determining exactly how far joints of meat are cooked.
  • Page 13: Before Using For The First Time

    before using for the first time electrolux 13 Before Using for the first time If you would like to change one of these base settings at a later date, please refer to the chapter Basic Settings. Setting the language 1. When the appliance has been con- nected to the electrical supply, the following is shown in the display.
  • Page 14: Setting The Clock

    14 electrolux before using for the first time Setting the clock After you have set the contrast and the brightness, the message ”Set Time of Day” is displayed. 4. Using set the hour of the cur- rent time. 5. Confirm with 6.
  • Page 15: Using The Oven

    using the oven electrolux 15 Using the Oven The menus in overview Main menu Sub-menu Assisted Cooking Pork/Veal Beef/Game/Lamb Poultry Fish Cake Pizza/Pie/Bread Casseroles/Gratins Convenience Specials Heating Functions Fan Cooking Conventional Cooking Pizza Setting Turbo Grill Turbo Grill + Spit Roast Economy Grill Economy Grill + Spit Roast Dual Grill...
  • Page 16 16 electrolux using the oven Main menu Sub-menu Basic Settings Set Time of Day Time Indication Set+Go Heat+Hold Time Extension Display Contrast Display Brightness Set language Buzzer Volume Key Tones Alarm/Error Tones Smell Filter Service Factory Settings...
  • Page 17 using the oven electrolux 17 Operation of the menus Example 1. Switch the appliance on with You will find yourself in the main menu. 2. With select the desired main menu. 3. Use to move to the appropriated sub-menus. The sub-menu selected is displayed. At every point you can get back to the the main menu with At the end of most menus there is...
  • Page 18 18 electrolux using the oven Heat indicator Heating up indicator When an oven function has been switched on the bar that keeps getting longer indicates how far the oven has heated up. Fast heating indicator With some oven functions the heating up time is shortened by the automatic function Fast heating.
  • Page 19 using the oven electrolux 19 Inserting the Oven Shelf, Baking Tray and Roasting Pan Shelf runner safety and anti-tip de- vice As a shelf runner safety device, all insertable components have a small curved indentation at the bottom on the right and left-hand edge. Always insert insertable compo- nents so that this indentation is at the back of the oven interior.
  • Page 20 20 electrolux using the oven Inserting the oven shelf: Insert the oven shelf so that the feet point downwards. Push the oven shelf between the guide bars of the selected oven level. The high rim around the oven shelf is an additional device to prevent cookware from slipping.
  • Page 21: Inserting/Removing The Grease Filter

    using the oven electrolux 21 Inserting/Removing the Grease Filter Only use the grease filter when roasting to protect the rear heating ele- ments from fat splashes. Inserting the grease filter Hold the grease filter by the grip and insert the two mounts downwards into the opening on the rear wall of the oven (fan opening).
  • Page 22: The Menu Assisted Cooking

    22 electrolux using the oven The menu Assisted Cooking The automatic systems offer the opti- mum settings (oven functions, tempera- The Assisted Cooking in overview ture, cook time) for the respective dish. The dishes in the Kitchen Assistant (ex- cept for Specials) are prepared with au- tomatic systems.
  • Page 23 using the oven electrolux 23 Category Dish Cake Lemon cake Ring cake Swedish cake Savarin cake Sponge base Brownies Cheesecake Muffins Fruit cake Tart (sweet) Streusel cake Carrot cake Butterzopf Almond cake Yeast cake Fruit tart Pizza/Pie/Bread Tray pizza Quark turnovers Onion tart White bread Quiche Lorraine...
  • Page 24 24 electrolux using the oven Operation of the Assisted Cooking Assisted Cooking with Weight Auto- matic The roasting time is automatically deter- mined by inputting the weight. Example 1. Using select the menu option Assisted Cooking, the desired cate- gory and the dish. 2.
  • Page 25 using the oven electrolux 25 Assisted Cooking with Meatprobe Automatic The oven switches itself off automatical- ly when the pre-set core temperature set is reached. Important: Only the Meatprobe sup- plied may be used. If replacing, please use only original replace- ment parts.
  • Page 26 26 electrolux using the oven Assisted Cooking with Recipe Auto- matic All settings are fixed and cannot be changed. Example 1. Using select the menu option Assisted Cooking, the desired cate- gory and the dish. 2. Confirm each one with 3.
  • Page 27: The Oven Functions Menu

    using the oven electrolux 27 The Oven Functions menu The oven functions in overview Using the oven functions you can set baking and roasting sessions to suit your requirements. Heating Oven function Application element/fan Fan Cooking For baking on up to three oven Top heat, bottom heat, levels at the same time.
  • Page 28 28 electrolux using the oven Operating the oven functions Example 1. Switch the appliance on with 2. Using select the menu option oven function. 3. Confirm with 4. Using select oven function Fan Cooking. 5. Confirm with 6. Using set the desired temper- ature.
  • Page 29: The Menu My Programmes

    using the oven electrolux 29 The menu My Programmes My Programmes in overview Sub menu Description 1- My Program To save optimum settings for your own recipes. 2- My Program Edit Programme Name To rename stored programmes. You can store 20 programmes. Operation of My Programmes Storing a programme 1.
  • Page 30 30 electrolux using the oven Memory positions that are already filled can be overwritten at any time. Instead of the suggested free mem- ory position, with select the programme that you would like to overwrite. 2Programmes can be renamed at any time in the menu ”Edit Pro- gramme Name”.
  • Page 31 using the oven electrolux 31 The cleaning menu Cleaning in overview Sub-menu Description Pyrolytic Clean oven using Pyrolytic. Cleaning Assistant Reminds you what you need to remember during Pyrolytic before the Pyrolytic process starts. The Cleaning Assistant can be switched on or off. Cleaning Reminder Recognises when Pyrolytic is required and alerts the user to this fact.
  • Page 32: The Menu Basic Settings

    32 electrolux using the oven The menu Basic Settings The Basic Settings in overview You can change certain basic set- tings regardless of the task the oven is performing. The settings can only be changed if no oven function is selected. Setting Display Description...
  • Page 33 using the oven electrolux 33 Setting Display Description Service ECAIA207 Shows the software version and configuration. V03IA003 Factory Settings Reset all settings to factory settings (including My Programmes). Between 22:00 and 6:00 the display re- duces its brightness when the appliance is switched off to save energy.
  • Page 34 34 electrolux using the oven Set+Go The function Set+Go means you can set all settings for an oven function and then start it later. Example application: You prepare a dish in the morning and enter all necessary settings in the oven. Your child comes home at lunchtime, puts the dish in the oven, presses any key and the oven starts with your set-...
  • Page 35 using the oven electrolux 35 Heat+Hold The function Heat+Hold keeps your pre- pared dish warm for 30 minutes, after the baking or roasting has ended. This is helpful, for example, when your guests are late. Condition for Heat+Hold: • Fixed temperatur is above 80°C •...
  • Page 36 36 electrolux using the oven Time Extension Allows the last oven function to continue after a certain time has elapsed. Precondition: • All oven functions with Duration or Weight Automatic. • No oven functions with Meatprobe. The Time Extension can be switched on and off in the Basic Settings menu.
  • Page 37 using the oven electrolux 37 Smell Filter The catalytic effect of the filter removes odours as much as possible. The Smell Filter switches on automati- cally when a baking or roasting cycle (except Specials) is started. It switches off as soon as the baking or roasting cycle is finished.
  • Page 38: Additional Functions

    38 electrolux using the oven Additional functions Your oven is equipped with the following additional functions: • Minute Minder • Duration • End Time • Key Lock • Child Lock • Safety shut-off • Meatprobe Minute Minder To set a countdown. When it has count- ed down, an audible signal sounds.
  • Page 39 using the oven electrolux 39 Duration or End Time Duration For setting how long the oven is to op- erate. End Time For setting when the oven is to switch it- self off again. 1. Select oven function. 2. Press key repeatedly until the ”Duration/End Time”...
  • Page 40 40 electrolux using the oven Duration and End Time com- bined Duration and End Time can be used simultaneously, if the oven is to be switched on and off automati- cally at a later time. 1. Select oven function. 2. Press key repeatedly until the ”Duration/End Time”...
  • Page 41 using the oven electrolux 41 Key Lock The key lock protects all functions set from accidental changes. To switch on Key Lock 1. Select oven function. 2. Press key repeatedly until the ”Key Lock” window appears. 3. Confirm with The Key Lock is now activated. To switch off Key Lock 1.
  • Page 42 42 electrolux using the oven Child Lock for the oven As soon as the Child Lock child safety device is activated, the oven cannot be operated. Switching on the Child Lock No Oven Function must be selected. 1. Press keys at the same time until a message appears in the display.
  • Page 43 using the oven electrolux 43 Oven safety shut-off If the oven is not switched off after a certain time, or if the heat setting is not modified, the oven switches off automatically. The oven switches off at an oven temperature of: 30 - 120°C after 12.5 hours...
  • Page 44 44 electrolux using the oven Meatprobe The oven switches itself off when the core temperature set by you is reached. Important!: Only the Meatprobe supplied may be used. If replacing, please use only original replace- ment parts. Setting Meatprobe core tempera- ture 1.
  • Page 45 using the oven electrolux 45 Within a few minutes a provisional end time at which the set core tem- perature will be reached is calculat- ed. This time is constantly recalculated and updated in the dis- play. The system requires that the Meatprobe is pushed into the meat and into the socket at the beginning of the cooking process and that it is...
  • Page 46 46 electrolux using the oven Removing the Meatprobe Warning: The Meatprobe is very hot. There is a risk of being burned when removing the plug and the tip of the meat probe. 1. Remove the Meatprobe´s plug from the socket and take the meat out of the oven.
  • Page 47: Mechanical Door Lock

    using the oven electrolux 47 Mechanical door lock When the appliance is delivered the door lock is deactivated. Activating door lock 1. Take hold of the door trim(B) on the upper edge of the door at both sides and press inwards to release the clip seal.
  • Page 48 48 electrolux using the oven On the open side of the door trim (B) there is a guide bar (C). This must be pushed between the outer door panel and the guide corner (D). The clip seal (E) must be snapped in. To open the oven door.
  • Page 49 using the oven electrolux 49 Removing door lock 1. Take hold of the door trim(B) on the upper edge of the door at both sides and press inwards to release the clip seal. Then remove the door trim by pulling it upwards. 2.
  • Page 50 50 electrolux using the oven 4. Take hold of the door trim(B) at each side, position it on the inside edge of the door and push the door trim (B) onto the upper edge of the door On the open side of the door trim(B) there is a guide bar(C).
  • Page 51: Cleaning And Care

    cleaning and care electrolux 51 Cleaning and Care 1. The oven light switches on automat- ically when the oven door is opened. 2. After every use, wipe the oven with a solution of washing-up liquid and al- low to dry. Warning: For cleaning, the appli- ance must be switched off and cooled down.
  • Page 52 52 electrolux cleaning and care Pyrolytic The oven shelf runners must be re- moved before starting Pyroluxe. Warning: During this process the oven If any shelf runners are still in the oven, a gets extremely hot. Keep small children message to this effect will appear in the away.
  • Page 53: Cleaning Assistant

    cleaning and care electrolux 53 Cleaning Assistant Before Pyrolytic the Cleaning As- sistant reminds you what has to be observed with Pyrolytic. Cleaning Assistant To switch on and 1. Using select the menu option Cleaning. 2. Confirm with 3. Using select the menu option Cleaning Assistant.
  • Page 54: Shelf Support Rails

    54 electrolux cleaning and care Shelf Support Rails The shelf support rails on the left and right hand sides of the oven can be re- moved for cleaning the side walls. Removing the shelf support rails First pull the front of the rail away from the oven wall (1) and then unhitch at the back (2).
  • Page 55: Oven Lighting

    cleaning and care electrolux 55 Oven Lighting Warning: There is a danger of elec- tric shock! Prior to changing the oven light bulb: – Switch off the oven! – Remove the fuses in the fuse box or switch off the circuit breaker. Place a cloth on the oven floor to protect the oven light and glass cov- Replacing the oven light bulb/clean-...
  • Page 56 56 electrolux cleaning and care Changing side oven light/Cleaning glass cover 1. Remove the left shelf support rail. 2. Remove the glass cover with the aid of a narrow, blunt implement (e. g., teaspoon) and clean it. 3. If necessary: replace halogen bulb with a 20 watt, 12 V, 300 °C heat-resist- ant halogen oven light bulb.
  • Page 57: Oven Door

    cleaning and care electrolux 57 Oven door For easier cleaning of the oven interior the oven door of your appliance can be taken off its hinges. Removing the oven door from its hinges 1. Open the oven door as far as it will 2.
  • Page 58 58 electrolux cleaning and care Hanging the oven door back on its hinges 1. From the handle side take hold of the oven door with a hand on each side and hold at an angle of approx. 45°. Position the recesses on the bottom of the oven door on the hinges on the oven.
  • Page 59: Oven Door Glass

    cleaning and care electrolux 59 Oven door glass The oven door is fitted with four panels of glass mounted one behind the other. The inner panels can be removed for cleaning. Important Rough handling, espe- cially around the edges of the front panel, can cause the glass to break.
  • Page 60 60 electrolux cleaning and care 4. Take hold of the door trim (B) on the upper edge of the door at both sides and press inwards to release the clip seal. Then remove the door trim by pulling it upwards. 5.
  • Page 61 cleaning and care electrolux 61 Putting the door glass panels back. 1. From above insert the door glass panels one after the other into the door profile at the bottom edge of the door at an angle and lower them. The two smaller panels first, then the larger panel.
  • Page 62 62 electrolux cleaning and care 3. Open the oven door as far as it will 4. Fold up the clamping levers (A) on both door hinges back into their orig- inal positions. 5. Close the oven door.
  • Page 63: What To Do If

    what to do if … electrolux 63 What to do if … Problem Possible cause Remedy The oven is not heating up The oven has not been switched Switch oven on The required settings have not Check the settings been set The building’s wiring fuse (in the Check the fuse If the fuses trip fuse box) has tripped...
  • Page 64: Installation Instructions

    64 electrolux installation instructions Installation Instructions Attention: The new appliance may only be installed and connected by a registered expert. Please comply with this. If you do not, any damage resulting is not covered by the warranty. Safety information for the installer •...
  • Page 65 installation instructions electrolux 65...
  • Page 66 66 electrolux installation instructions...
  • Page 67 installation instructions electrolux 67...
  • Page 68 68 electrolux installation instructions...
  • Page 69: Disposal

    disposal electrolux 69 Disposal Warning: So that the old appliance can no longer cause any danger, make it unusable before disposing Packaging material of it. To do this, disconnect the appliance The packaging materials are envi- from the mains supply and remove ronmentally friendly and can be re- the mains cable from the appliance.
  • Page 70: Guarantee/Customer Service

    70 electrolux guarantee/customer service Guarantee/Customer Service European Guarantee This appliance is guaranteed by Electrolux in each of the countries listed at the back of this user manual, for the period specified in the appli- ance guarantee or otherwise by law. If you move from one of these countries to another of the countries listed below the appliance guarantee will move with you subject to the following qual-...
  • Page 71 guarantee/customer service electrolux 71 Carretera M-300, Km. 29,900 España +34 902 11 63 88 Alcalá de Henares Madrid France Addington Way, Luton, Bedfordshire Great Britain +44 8705 929 929 LU4 9QQ Hellas +30 23 10 56 19 70 4 Limnou Str., 54627 Thessaloniki Hrvatska +385 1 63 23 338 Slavonska avenija 3, 10000 Zagreb...
  • Page 72: Index

    index electrolux 72 Index Operation Accessories 12, 19 Overview automatic meat probe automatic recipes Language Automatic weight setting Baking tray 12, 19 Meat probe Menu Child safety device Cleaning Cleaning My Programmes accessories Operation Oven interior Oven functions 27, 31, 32 oven light bulb Overview Pre-cleaning...
  • Page 73 73 electrolux index Time extension Using the oven...
  • Page 74: Service

    74 electrolux service Service In the event of technical faults, please first check whether you can remedy the problem yourself with the help of the op- erating instructions (section “What to do if…”). If you were not able to remedy the prob- lem yourself, please contact the Cus- tomer Care Department or one of our service partners.
  • Page 76 822 928 441-D-230107-05...

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