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Gas Connection - Electrolux EHG 30210 User Manual

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Gas connection

Choose fixed connections or use a flexible pipe in
stainless steel in compliance with the regulation in force.
If using flexible metallic pipes, be careful they do not
come in contact with mobile parts or they are not
squeezed. Use the same attention when the hob is
combinated with an oven.
IMPORTANT - To ensure a correct operation, a saving
of energy and the long-life of the appliance, the voltage
pressure of the appliance must correspond to the
recommended values.
The adjustable connection is fixed to the comprehensive
ramp by means of a threaded nut G 1/2". Interpose the
sealing between the components as shown in Fig. 4.
Screw the parts without forcing, adjust the connection
in the required direction and tighten everything.
Connection using flexible non
metal pipes
When the connection can be easily inspected in its full
extent, there is the chance to use a flexible pipe
according to the rules in force. The flexible pipe must be
tightly fixed using clamps according to the rules in force.
LPG : use the rubber pipe holder «D» (Fig. 4).
Always insert the gasket «B». Then proceed with the gas
The flexible pipe should be made ready for use in such a
way that:
nowhere it can reach overtemperature, other than
room temperature, higher than 30°C; if the flexible
pipe, to reach the cock, must run behind the range,
it must be installed as shown in Fig. 4;
it is no longer than 1500 mm;
it shows no throttles;
it is not subject to traction or torsion;
it doesn't get in touch with cutting edges or corners;
it can be easily inspected in order to check its
The control of preservation of the flexible pipe consists
in checking that:
it doesn't show cracks, cuts, marks of burnings both
on the end parts and on its full extent;
the material is not hardened, but shows its normal
the fastening clamps are not rusted;
expiry term is not due.
If one or more abnormalities are seen, do not repair the
pipe, but replace it.
Once installation is complete, check the perfect
seal of every pipe fitting, using a soapy solution,
never a flame
Fig. 4
A) Ramp with ending nut
B) Seal
C) Adjustable connection
D) Rubber pipe holder for LPG
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