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Gas Connection - Electrolux KGS6426SX User Manual

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mains at all poles. The isolation
device must have a contact opening
width of minimum 3 mm.

2.3 Gas connection

• All gas connections should be made
by a qualified person.
• Before installation, make sure that the
local distribution conditions (nature of
the gas and gas pressure) and the
adjustment of the appliance are
• Make sure that there is air circulation
around the appliance.
• The information about the gas supply
is on the rating plate.
• This appliance is not connected to a
device, which evacuates the products
of combustion. Make sure to connect
the appliance according to current
installation regulations. Pay attention
to requirements regarding adequate
2.4 Use
Risk of injury, burns and
electric shock.
• Remove all the packaging, labelling
and protective film (if applicable)
before first use.
• Use this appliance in a household
• Do not change the specification of this
• Make sure that the ventilation
openings are not blocked.
• Do not let the appliance stay
unattended during operation.
• Set the cooking zone to "off" after
each use.
• Do not put cutlery or saucepan lids on
the cooking zones. They can become
• Do not operate the appliance with wet
hands or when it has contact with
• Do not use the appliance as a work
surface or as a storage surface.
• When you place food into hot oil, it
may splash.
Risk of fire and explosion
• Fats and oil when heated can release
flammable vapours. Keep flames or
heated objects away from fats and
oils when you cook with them.
• The vapours that very hot oil releases
can cause spontaneous combustion.
• Used oil, that can contain food
remnants, can cause fire at a lower
temperature than oil used for the first
• Do not put flammable products or
items that are wet with flammable
products in, near or on the appliance.
Risk of damage to the
• Do not keep hot cookware on the
control panel.
• Do not let cookware to boil dry.
• Be careful not to let objects or
cookware fall on the appliance. The
surface can be damaged.
• Do not activate the cooking zones
with empty cookware or without
• Do not put aluminium foil on the
• Use only stable cookware with the
correct shape and diameter larger
than the dimensions of the burners.
• Make sure cookware is centrally
positioned on the burners.
• Make sure the flame does not go out
when you quickly turn the knob from
the maximum to the minimum
• Use only the accessories supplied
with the appliance.
• Do not install a flame diffuser on the
• The use of a gas cooking appliance
results in the production of heat and
moisture. Provide good ventilation in
the room where the appliance is
• Prolonged intensive use of the
appliance may call for additional
ventilation, for example opening of a
window, or more effective ventilation,
for example increasing the level of
mechanical ventilation where present.



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