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Cleaning And Maintenance - Electrolux EHG 30210 User Manual

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If you cannot light the flame even after several
attempts, check the "cap" (Fig. 1 lett. A) and the
"crown" (Fig. 1 lett. B) are in the correct position.
To put the flame out, turn the knob to the symbol .
In the absence of electricity, ignition can occur
without the electrical device; in this case approach
the burner with a flame, push the relevant knob
down and turn it anti-clockwise until it reaches the
"maximum" position.
Always turn the flame down or put it out before
taking the pans off the burner.
Carefully supervise cookings with fats or oil, since
these types of foodstuff can result in a fire, if over-
Do not keep the control knob pressed for more than
15 seconds.
If the burner does not light even after 15 seconds,
release the control knob, turn it the "off" position
and wait for at least one minute before trying to light
the burner again.
If the burner accidentally goes out, turn the control
knob to the "off" position and wait for at least 1
minute before trying to light the burner again.
Energy saving advices
To ensure maximum burner efficiency, it is strongly
recommended that you use only pots and pans with a
bottom fitting the size of the burner used, so that flame will
not spread beyond the bottom of the vessel (see the table
It is also advisable, as soon as a liquid starts boiling, to
turn down the flame so that it will barely keep the liquid
• Use only pans or pots with flat bottom.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Disconnect the appliance from the electrical
supply, before carrying out any cleaning or
manteinance work.
Wash the enamelled components with warm soapy
water. Never use abrasive cleaners
Frequently wash the "caps" and the "crowns" with hot
soapy water, carefully taking away any built-up of food.
Carefully wash the stainless steel components with
water, then wipe them dry with a soft cloth.
The pan supports are dishwasher proof.
If the marks are particularly difficult to remove, use
common non-abrasive cleaners or specific products.
Never use steel wool pads or acids.
In models with electric ignition, this feature is obtained
through a ceramic "candle" and a metal electrode (Fig.
1 lett. C). Keep these components well clean, to avoid
difficult lighting, and check that the burner crown holes
(Fig 1 - lett. B) are not obstructed.
Fig. 1
A - Burner cap
B - Burner crown
C - Ignition candle
D - Thermocouple
The stainless steel can become tarnished if
excessively heated. Therefore prolonged
cooking with potstones, earthenware pans
or cast-iron plates is inadvisable. Also, do not
use aluminium foil to protect the top during
Periodic maintenance
Periodically ask your local Service Centre to check the
conditions of the gas supply pipe and the pressure
adjuster, if fitted.
To ensure the good operation of the hob and its safety
features, it is necessary that the taps are periodically
180 mm.
260 mm.
80 mm.
160 mm.



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