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Troubleshooting - TDK DA-5700 User Manual

Digital audio cd recorder, 4x high speed recording to audio cd-r and cd-rw discs
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If you are having problems with the DA-5700, please take the time
to read this section before contacting your dealer or TDK Technical
No power.
Check the connection to the AC power supply.
The CD-R or CD-RW I recorded only plays in TRAY II.
You didn't finalize the disc. Only finalized discs can be played in
TRAY I and other CD players.
The CD-RW I recorded doesn't play in my other CD player.
Your other CD player may not be compatible with CD-RW discs. Try
using a CD-R instead.
Can't dub an entire disc faster than 1x.
If the source disc is a commercial music CD, or has been copied
digitally, the display may show an SCMS message when high-speed
dubbing is attempted. If you see this message, due to SCMS
restrictions, you can only dub at 1X speed. SCMS might be detected
for each track on the audio disc.
I can't record my turntable through the DA-5700's inputs.
The signal from your turntable must be passed through a phono
preamplifier before it is routed into the DA-5700. (Unless your
turntable has a built-in preamplifier, it cannot be connected directly
to the DA-5700.)
Here's how you must connect if your turntable doesn't have a
built-in preamplifier:
Turntable connected to Receiver with Built-In Phono Preamp
(use receiver's PHONO input) connected to DA-5700
Turntable connected to Standalone Phono Preamp
connected to DA-5700
No sound from speakers.
Check the connection to the stereo system.
Make sure a disc has been inserted.
The sound is noisy or distorted.
The unit is too close to a TV set or similar appliance. Move the unit
away from appliances, or turn appliances off.
Remote control doesn't work.
Make sure you have fresh batteries.
The remote control has a range of 5m./15ft. Point remote control
at the front panel of the DA-5700.
Clear any obstacle between the remote control and the DA-5700.
Interference from fluorescent lights can cause the DA-5700 to
function improperly. Turn fluorescent lights off.
Other appliances near the unit or remote control that use infrared
light may interfere with operation of the DA-5700.
Cannot play audio.
Insert disc with label side up.
If the disc is dirty, clean the surface of the disc.
A blank disc has been inserted. Insert a disc that has music on it.
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Sound skips.
Place the unit on a stable surface to avoid vibration and shock.
If the disc is dirty, clean the surface of the disc.
Don't use scratched, damaged or warped discs.
Recording is not possible.
A commercially music CD or finalized disc has been inserted into
the unit. Use a recordable (Audio CD-R) or rewritable
(Audio CD-RW) audio disc.
A digital copy cannot be made of a copied disc due to SCMS
restrictions. Please use analog mode to make additional
copies of a copied disc.
The disc does not have any more free space. Use another disc.
The recording level is too low. Adjust the incoming recording
level on the DA-5700.
Check that all external components are properly connected.
NOTE: Some new commercial audio CDs are copy protected. This
may prevent making digital copies of the discs.
If normal operation freezes or the unit cannot function normally,
push the power switch OFF, unplug the power cord from the outlet,
then plug it in again. Push the power switch back ON.
Beware of condensation
When the unit is moved in from a cold place, or used after a sudden
temperature change, there is a danger of condensation; vapor in the
air could condense on the internal mechanism, making normal
operation impossible. To prevent this, or if this occurs, leave the unit
on for one to two hours. The unit should eventually stabilize at the
temperature of its surroundings.

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