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Basic Recording - TDK DA-5700 User Manual

Digital audio cd recorder, 4x high speed recording to audio cd-r and cd-rw discs
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(Dubbing Continued)
If you attempt to dub a disc that contains SCMS copy protection, the
message, SCMS, will appear on the DA-5700. After 3 seconds, PRESS
ENTER will appear on the display. If you press PLAY (ENTER) [
ANALOG MODE will appear on the display, then the unit will record
the entire disc at 1X speed in analog mode. When recording is
finished, the unit will automatically finalize the disc.
Instead of dubbing the entire source disc at once, this mode lets you
dub one track at a time. This can be handy for making mixed CDs
from several different source CDs.
1. Press DUB, selecting 1X, 2X or 4X.
2. Select the track you wish to dub.
3. Press PLAY (ENTER) [
Recording will stop when the track has been dubbed.
Repeat this process to add additional tracks.
Finalize the disc when you've finished adding tracks.
This mode lets you program a playlist for a disc in TRAY I, then dub
the tracks in real time-in the order of the playlist-to a disc in TRAY II.
1. Program a playlist.
(For more information, see the PROGRAMMED PLAYLISTS section.)
2. Press DUB, selecting 1X.
3. Press PLAY (ENTER) [
Recording will stop when the playlist has been recorded.
To finalize a disc:
1. Load an unfinalized disc in TRAY II.
2. With playback stopped, press FINALIZE. If for some reason you
wish to cancel the finalize process, press STOP [
3. Press PLAY (ENTER) [
is finished, COMPLETE will appear briefly on the display, then the
display will return to its track/time display mode.
7:41 PM
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] to start finalizing. When the operation

Basic Recording

This section describes the basics of recording from external sources
with your new unit.
To record from an external source:
1. Turn power ON.
2. Place a recordable audio disc (CD-R or CD-RW) label side up
3. Close TRAY II. (When a blank disc is placed in TRAY II, the display
will show BLANK.)
4. Press INPUT until the source you want to record is selected.
record a source connected to the DIGITAL IN (OPTICAL) terminal.
record a source connected to the DIGITAL IN (COAXIAL) terminal.
record a source connected to the analog LINE IN jacks.
5. Select the desired mode of track division (track number
assignment) by pressing the MANUAL/AUTO button (see the
ADVANCED RECORDING section for more information).
6. Press the RECORD button.
The unit enters record pause mode.
] icon and REC blink on the display.
7. Press the PLAY (ENTER) [
8. Play the source to be recorded.
During digital recording, if the input signal stops for 5 seconds,
recording will stop.
During analog recording, if the input signal stops for 20 seconds,
recording will stop.
If the unit detects copy-prohibit signals during recording,
CAN'T COPY appears on the display and recording is stopped.
To stop recording: Press the STOP [
To temporarily pause recording: Press the PAUSE [
Remember that every time recording is paused or stopped,
a new track number will be assigned.
Unlike analog equipment, digital audio units produce extremely
unpleasant sounds when distorted. When you record, set the digital
recording level where-during the loudest passage of music-the
recording level meter doesn't reach above 0 dB. Only boost the
recording level if the source is exceptionally quiet.
The recording level is set to 0 dB when the power is turned on.
To set the recording level:
Typically, you should not need to adjust the recording level. If
adjustment is necessary play the loudest section of the music to be
recorded, and adjust the DIGITAL REC LEVEL. The loudest section of
music should not exceed the 0 dB mark on the display's level meter.
] button of TRAY II to start recording.
] button
] button.

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