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Player Display Messages; Error Messages - TDK DA-5700 User Manual

Digital audio cd recorder, 4x high speed recording to audio cd-r and cd-rw discs
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Player Display Messages

The following are the various messages that the DA-5700 will display during operation.
BLANK: A blank CD-R/RW disc is loaded the tray.
CLOSE: Close the disc tray.
COMPLETE: Dubbing, recording, finalizing or erasing has been completed.
DUBB 1X: Normal speed dubbing from TRAY I to II.
DUBB 2X: 2X speed dubbing from TRAY I to II.
DUBB 4X: 4X speed dubbing from TRAY I to II.
ERASE **: Erase the last track of the CD-RW disc.
ERASE ALL: Erase all the tracks of the CD-RW disc.
FINALIZE: Finalize the disc.
INCLVL **: Increment level.
MANUAL: Auto track division is off.
NO DISC: No disc is loaded in the tray.
OPEN: Open the tray.
PMA WRITE: Write programmed material on the disc.
READING: The unit is reading the disc.
REC **DB:D2: Recording level
STEP **: Program number
SYNC-1: Record one track using synchronized recording.
SYNC-ALL: Record all the tracks using synchronized recording.
UNFINALIZ: Unfinalize the CD-RW disc.
(** represents a variable. will be shown as actual number.)


Error Message
CAN'T REC- Cannot record,
erase or finalize the disc
D-UNLOCK- Digital input is
selected, but you cannot record.
designed for computer systems
cannot be used for audio
recording on the DA-5700.
7:41 PM
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When an error message is displayed. press the STOP button and try to determine its cause.
1. The disc is full.
2. CD-RW is finalized.
3. CD-R is finalized.
4. CD-R discs cannot be erased.
1. A digital source is not connected.
2. The source unit's power is off.
1. There is no space on the disc.
2. No tracks are available on the disc.
1. A Data disc is being used.
1. The CD-R/RW disc placed in TRAY II
does not have enough space to dub
the entire disc in TRAY I.
1. 32 tracks have been programmed.
1. You are trying to digitally record a
"second-generation" digital copy.
What To Do
1. Change the disc.
2. If the CD-RW disc is finalized, unfinalize the disc.
3. Make sure that you are using Audio CD-RW or
CD-R discs for audio recording.
Do not use Data discs.
1. Connect an external unit using digital
connections (coaxial, optical).
2. Turn the external unit's power ON.
1. Insert a new blank disc.
2. Erase unwanted tracks (CD-RW only),
then record new tracks.
3. A maximum of 99 tracks can be recorded per disc.
1. Use discs bearing the "DIGITAL AUDIO" logo.
1. Use a CD-R/RW of a larger capacity. 80-minute
discs are largest.
1. You can only program a total of 32 tracks.
2. Clear the program, then program 32 new tracks.
1. Due to SCMS restrictions, you may only make
1st generation digital copies. In other words,
you cannot copy a copied CD. If you would like
to make more backups of a copied disc, you can
do so in analog mode.

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