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Programmed Playback - TDK DA-5700 User Manual

Digital audio cd recorder, 4x high speed recording to audio cd-r and cd-rw discs
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Programmed Playback

1. Press the remote's PROGRAM button. STEP 01 and PROGRAM
will appear in the display and the track number 1 will blink.
2. Select the disc tray by pressing the remote's I or II button,
then select a track by pressing the numeric buttons or the
the numeric buttons again.
3. Press the PROGRAM button. The track is programmed, and the
next step (STEP 02) is ready to be programmed.
4. Repeat items 2 and 3 to program additional tracks.
5. When you've finished adding tracks, press the press STOP [
6. Press PLAY [ ] to begin programmed playback.
7. After playback has stopped, additional tracks can be added by
pressing PROGRAM and repeating items 2 and 3.
The program list is kept in memory even if STOP [
been pressed.
If the PROGRAM button is pressed without selecting a track
number, the first song on the disc will be programmed.
Up to 32 tracks from 2 discs can be programmed in the
desired order. PGM FULL will appear when no more tracks
can be programmed.
Shuffle playback does not work during program playback.
To check the programmed track order:
When playback is stopped, repeatedly press the remote's PROGRAM
CHECK button. The track numbers and program numbers will be
shown on the display.
To change the program:
1. When playback is stopped, press PROGRAM CHECK until the
program number you wish to change is selected.
2. Select a new track number by pressing the numeric buttons,
then press the PROGRAM button to overwrite the program.
To delete a track:
1. When playback is stopped, repeatedly press the remote's
PROGRAM CHECK button until the program number you
wish to delete is displayed.
2. Press the CLEAR button to delete the track.
To clear the program:
1. Press the STOP [
] button, then the CLEAR button.
2. Or if playback is stopped, press the CLEAR button.
3. Or press the OPEN/CLOSE [ ] button.
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