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Before Recording - TDK DA-5700 User Manual

Digital audio cd recorder, 4x high speed recording to audio cd-r and cd-rw discs
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Before Recording

Before you start recording, note the following points:
The unit requires Digital Audio CD-R or Digital Audio CD-RW media
for recording. Computer CD-R or CD-RW discs do not work with this
unit. Only discs with the following logos can be recorded:
Once you have recorded on a CD-R disc, the data cannot be
erased from it.
You can add tracks to an unfinalized CD-R or CD-RW disc. Once
finalized, a CD-R disc cannot be changed. Finalized CD-RW discs,
however, can be erased and re-recorded.
Due to technical restrictions of CDs, a track cannot be less than
four seconds in length, and there can be a maximum of 99 tracks
on an audio CD.
When the recording is finished, PMA WRITE and COMPLETE are
displayed for a few seconds, then the unit stops. Make sure the
unit doesn't vibrate during recording.
If the end of a disc is reached during recording, the unit will do a
fade-out over a few seconds. When the fade-out has finished, the
unit will automatically finalize the disc and stop.
When the number of tracks exceeds 99 during recording, the
unit stops recording.
The recording time of a track may slightly differ from that of
the original one.
Discs with HDCD logo will be recorded in the standard CD format.
If you record a track with the Repeat 1 function enabled, the track
number may not be incremented correctly.
This unit complies with the Serial Copy Management System (SCMS)
standard. This standard was created to restrict digital-to-digital
copying to only the first generation. The basic rules governing this
system are as follows:
1. A digital recording can be made through a digital input
connection from a digital source such as a CD, DAT or MD onto a
recordable Audio CD-R, Audio CD-RW, MD or DAT. However, second
and later generation copies cannot be recorded digitally.
2. When an analog source such as an FM broadcast is digitally
recorded by using a CD-R, CD-RW, MD or DAT, this recorded source
can be digitally recorded on another CD-R, CD-RW, MD or DAT.
However, further digital copying is prohibited.

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